10 Best 2022 memes: Hilarious messages & jokes from 2020 too

We all just bid adieu to 2021 & set foot in 2022. Here are 10 best 2022 memes to crack you up! Also, some hilarious jokes from 2020 too that will blow your mind!

People have been left in dismay as the pandemic continues, despite the fact that a new year is traditionally viewed as a herald of new beginnings, moving past sorrows & regrets of the previous year.

10 Best 2022 memes – Funny jokes

The year 2022 is finally here, and we can’t believe how quickly the previous year flew by. 2021 was an event-filled year, with peaks and valleys. As a result, here are the 10 best 2022 memes and messages.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic expected to last until 2021, we’ve all seen loved ones succumb to the virus. As a result, 2022 becomes even more significant for us, as it provides us with an opportunity to thank our loved ones and send them our New Year greetings. For more such memes, visit entertainment. An ultimate place full of love, laughter & joy!




Because of the epidemic & the multiple changes that happened as a result of the mitigation measures, the past 2 years have been a unique rollercoaster ride. Do check out omicron memes that buzzed netizens in 2021.




Gear up for 2022! This year, too, is coming to a close with a 3rd wave on the horizon, with constraints and limitations visible everywhere, but that shouldn’t damper our spirits because a new year promises 365 days of possibility, fresh starts, and new opportunities. You may also check out January 2022 memes & see how you can relate yourself to the best memes!

Best 2022 memes – 2020 too indeed!

For many people, 2022 felt like a rewriting of 2020 two, and now that the Omicron version has reared its ugly head, we may have a 2020 sequel! However, there’s little we can do at this point but hope for the best, and the best way to deal with anything is a comedy, hope we made you laugh a little at the year’s best 2022 memes!

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