10 strategic Fan Tan tricks to win up to RM800 daily online!

10 Fan Tan tricks by W88you betting experts you should apply to your gameplay in live casino rooms to increase your winning rate by 98% & earn up to RM800 daily.

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Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese game that is purely based on luck and so, playing this game at online casinos like W88 is one of the most fun ways to pass time. In this game, all you must do is predict how many stones or marbles will remain after all of them are removed in batches of four. However, in recent times there are many new variations of Fan Tan arising by playing the traditional one will always be fun and so, to help you win more in such Fan Tan games, here are 10 Fan Tan tricks you can use in online casinos.

w88 fan tan tricks to win

1. Pick a game room with traditional Fan Tan gameplay

As mentioned above, Fan Tan is one of the best casino games that has variations however, the variation which has the best and most entertaining gameplay is the Fan Tan traditional gameplay which is played with beads or marble stones. This gameplay is not only fun to watch but also an easy way to carry out some of the most crucial Fan Tan tricks to win.

  • In online casinos, you will find Fan Tan that is played with cards and so, understanding the gameplay as beginners can be difficult, and applying tricks could, in turn, be very tricky.
  • So, using simple yet elegant Fan Tan game rooms which offer skilled croupier trained in traditional gameplay is a must for a smooth game in online casinos. This traditional Fan Tan game is played with a stick and stone-like Marblers with a large container to keep these marbles and a small container to remove a portion of it.
  • If you create an account in the W88 Register, then you will get to play authentic and traditional Fan Tan game rounds in the products offered by Club Evolution on the famous online betting site.

2. Observe some rounds of the game to notice the most winning bet

Observation is one of the most important Fan Tan tricks that can back you up no matter which online casino game you are playing. Luckily Fan Tan is one such casino game that makes observing easier and so, you can easily know which betting option from the four is winning the most rounds.

  • This observation can help you place accurate bets on most of the betting rounds and combining this one with the below-mentioned Fan Tan tricks can even enhance your wagering skills to maximize profit.
  • However, for this, it is important that you do not wager on any of the options immediately when you join a Fan Tan table. Instead, you must skip some betting rounds to observe the winning betting option.
  • Since there are fewer main bets, you can easily even notice which options win more rounds after the most winning bet. Another thing you must take notice of is the intervals after which a betting option wins in the game room.

w88 fan tan tricks to win online

3. Take notice of the most winning side bet option as well

Fan Tan is a game full of easy betting options and as emphasized above, observing the most winning bet is extremely easy in such online casino games. What is even cooler about learning How to Play Fan Tan online is that you can even make observations about the side betting options in the game rooms which are equally easy to notice as the main bets.

  • There are 2 side bets in Fan Tan games where you can place your bets on Odd/Even or Big/Small, although there are other advanced side betting options you can go for like Nim, Kwok, and SSH which are mostly used by pro players.
  • Odd/Even side bet would mean placing bets on whether the remaining marbles will be 2, 4, or 1, 3 respectively. While Big/Small means to wager on the number 1, 2, or 3, 4, respectively. Thus the main side betting options are the best ones to use as beginners.
  • So, observing the main bets, along with the side bets can result in placing accurate bets even if the side bets pay less than the main bets, you can combine a main and side bet to wager for a single round.

4. Place your bets using the minimum betting stake

Now that you have acquired the basic Fan Tan tricks and tips for wagering on Fan Tan games online, it is time for you to go ahead and place your bets but for this, you should always use or start with the minimum betting stake. This is even more important to do when placing bets in the initial rounds of the game rounds in online casinos.

  • Placing bets using the minimum betting rate is a Fan Tan Strategy to test your observation skills in the game rooms because here, your observations could either be accurate or wrong and testing them is a good option to play safe.
  • So, if you win, you will win double the money, but if you are losing then you will also lose the lowest amount possible in the game room you select to play Fan Tan.
  • Using the minimum betting stake to play Fan Tan also has the additional benefit of maintaining your bankroll. As you go further down the article, you will understand how the lowest betting stake helps in maximizing profits with betting systems.

w88 fan tan tricks to win in online casino

5. Do not fall for the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy

When playing games like Fan Tan with easy betting options, sometimes you may feel that since a betting option has won more rounds it is unlikely to win again in the next round, and this is known as the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy that you must be aware of. This is another reason why you should choose an online betting site like the W88 Live Casino where you can wager mindfully.

  • The Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy is so effective that it has made pros lose a lot of money in one go and this is why mindful betting is extremely important with your observation skills.
  • Above we mentioned that you should wager on the most winning bet option, this means that out of 10 if a betting option wins 7 times, then that becomes the most winning betting option. This also means that, if you wager on the said betting option and it loses a betting round, you should stick to the betting option in the next rounds as well.
  • This is because the goal is to win most rounds and not all rounds, thus, winning 7 out of 10 rounds is an extremely good outcome, and sticking to the observed most winning betting option is a great way to be safe from the gambler’s fallacy.

6. Use the previous winning bet chart to notice any change

Since placing bets on the most winning betting options is an important part of these Fan Tan tricks, it is important to take note that the most winning betting option could change after intervals and one way of noticing this change is by tracking the intervals after which an option wins the round with your observation skills.

  • You can also do so by looking at the previously winning bet chart or statistic chart that your online game room offers. Here, you will see which betting option wins the most as well as for how long that betting option wins.
  • The betting chart is also good to see if your observations are on track or not by looking at which bet won more before you joined the table on the site.
  • If you are playing with a time limit, then you can skip the observations and directly take data of the most winning betting option from the strategy chart in the game room for both, main and side betting options.

fan tan tricks to win online live casino

7. Keep a wager limit and time limit to play Fan Tan online

Most of these Fan Tan tricks will definitely increase your payout rate in the game rooms if used right. But it is important to remember that saving your money is as equal and important as winning the rounds. This means that the bankroll that you have must be used wisely when placing bets in the game room.

  • Fan Tan is a game that is entertaining and it is given that many gamblers can get swept away by this fun gameplay and wager on the betting option again and again mindlessly and before they know it they have used all their bankroll without winning more.
  • So, keeping a wagering limit, as well as observing the game, and using these Fan Tan tricks is a great way of concentrating and being mindful of what you are doing in the game room. To add to this, they also say that time is money, and must be spent well, especially when playing casino games online.
  • So before playing Fan Tan online, it is advisable to maintain a  betting limit or a time limit. Besides this, you can make use of your online casino bonuses like the ones offered under the W88 Promotion section where you can get up to RM600 to play casino games online as a cashback offer!

8. Use betting systems to boost your payout earnings

Maximizing profits by winning bets and saving as much as you can from your bankroll is a good way to increase the money in your account but another way of doing so is by using betting systems. Betting systems are used by pro gamblers to wagering mindfully and even top investors make use of this to maximize profits. There are two types of betting systems in the gambling world:

  • Progressive betting systems are those where you must increase your wagering amount by one unit or double it whenever your experience a loss so that when you eventually win, you can receive the lost wager as a payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those where you must maintain the same wagering amount regardless of whether you win or lose a round to bet with a betting limit.
  • The progressive betting system is regarded as the best although risky if you want to win more money than you entered and if you decide to only bet on the most winning option for most of the game, you can easily apply progressive betting systems. Joining W88 could also help you claim a W88 Free Credit bonus offer of RM30 that you can get upon verifying your account to play Fan Tan online.

w88 fan tan tricks to win in live casino

9. Try the 1324 betting strategy to maintain your bankroll

Progressive betting systems are something you should learn as a beginner to maximize profit and minimize loss in the game rooms from the start. But it is important to note that progressive betting systems are risky and so, you should use the ones that are beginner friendly. The progressive betting system 1-3-2-4 is one such system that is fun yet beneficial to apply in your gameplay.

  • In the 1-3-2-4 betting system, you should start with the initial betting stake as 1, then when you win double it by 3 units, then again if you win double it by 2 units, and when you win again you should double it by 4 units.
  • If you lose a round in between, you must maintain the same stake as the previous round. So in the end, this betting system tells you when to increase or decrease your wager amount as well as how much betting stake to place.
  • Wagering on one betting option as well as using the minimum betting amount as the initial stake for this betting system in Fan Tan games is a good strategy to use for beginner players.

w88 fan tan tricks to win live online casino

10. Leave the table if you do not seem to be winning

Last but not least, the best Fan Tan trick you can apply to your gameplay to earn more is by leaving the table to save whatever you earned so far and also avoid spending more. This is important when you do not seem to be winning anymore even after applying these Fan Tan tricks.

  • Let’s be real, Fan Tan is created as a game of chance or luck and some days you just are not lucky. This is also true for pro gamblers who have years of experience with betting tricks and tips for such online casino games.
  • So, when you notice that you are not winning rounds, you can either skip some rounds to observe the game again or stop to calm down with wagering a little and then jump right back in to place a bet.
  • But if you just cannot win a round, then it is time for you to leave for the day. This is another way to maintain the bankroll and play with a limit. For instance, if you do not win 6 out of 10 rounds after applying these Fan Tan tricks, then you must consider ending the game for the day.


This was all about the 10 Fan Tan Tricks brought to you by W88you experts. Using these tricks in Fan Tan game rooms could definitely increase your winning rate by 98% as observed by our expert bettors but if you want to earn a huge amount instantly, then use online betting sites like W88 where you can claim up to RM600 casino bonus on creating a new account. If you want more casino tips and tricks then be sure to keep in touch with W88you!

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