10 Memes that Describe the Struggles of Trying to Quit Smoking

Developing habits usually take time; it’s even tougher when they’re bad habits. It’s become part of an adult culture that vices are ways of self-medicating or sedating the broken or rather crooked parts of our souls. Bad habits and vices often come and go, and eventually even just stop, but the nasty habit of smoking is one habit many adults who engage cannot just stop and actually work thrice as hard to eradicate from their lives. Below are just a few memes that describe this struggle for those who genuinely want to stop.

10 Memes on How to Quit Smoking

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When you’re short of cash and just wanted to try and be positive

When older people could care less about quitting smoking

Those health-conscious friends you have that you just want to STFU

That one friend who also smokes but will pretend to be a good friend for a day

Rewarding yourself after abstaining

Those pompous clean do-gooder friends that are no help

Teenagers who have just realized that they are hooked on a habit

Doctors are cringing

That asshole friend who won’t quit with you and is irritating people

Then there’s that friend who have chosen hard drugs over a stick of tobacco

One Day at A Time

Quitting smoking is no joke and for those who have supportive friends who want to help you quit, then you are lucky. There are those who still have enabler friends that make it even harder to stop. Time to get a hold of yourself and find the will power to quit, day by day, one step at a time.

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