The Reality Behind Every Great Shot

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There is more than meets the eye they say. Beautiful images always come with a price after every perfect shot. It usually takes several shots before photographers get the best one. Some shots may even require models and subjects to take a risk. The following will prove such a statement. … Read more

Lovi Poe: Hottest Woman in Philippine Show Business


The Philippines is crawling with beautiful women everywhere. In Philippine show business, several gorgeous ladies are consistently making a mark in the industry. One of these icons includes Lovi Poe. She is the daughter of the late and renowned Filipino action star, Fernando Poe Jr. who also ran for the … Read more

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin-Bottle Prank

Adorable Old Couple and the Coin - Bottle Prank

The idea of growing old with your spouse is usually a romantic idea to many people, especially the youth. There are many hurdles couples who grow old together go through before establishing a strong foundation and lasting years together. This doesn’t just magically happen, their spark, their love and their … Read more

10 Cake Designs that are an Ultimate Fail


Birthdays  or celebratory occassions always demand cake. Big cakes made with grandeur are a crowd favorite with several people, child or adult. Cakes are tricky to make since it requires a whole lot of detail and precision in design. Whether it’s a customize cake or a home-made cake, making mistakes … Read more

Plastic Surgery Fails To Keep You Up At Night

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. This may be true but it can also be very self-deprecating in the long run. Obsession towards looking a certain way or getting short term fixes can be dangerous for your physical, mental, or even emotional well-being. A person’s physical … Read more

Solenn Heusaff: The All-around Filipina Beauty Icon


When it comes to versatility, beauty, and talent, the ultimate icon for all three factors would have to be Solenn Heusaff. Solenn Heusaff is a French-Filipina TV personality, actress, model, painter, fashion designer and author. These are just a few of the many things she is popular for. This incredible … Read more

3 of the Most Questionable Fashion Trends of 2019

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It is no surprise that fashion trends continue to change and revolutionize the fashion world. Many people actually have a hard time catching up with what’s in and what’s out with all the trends that continue to drive pop culture. However, there are some trends that leave us pondering on … Read more

Animals Sneezing Sporadically Shakes the Internet

Animals Sneezing Sporadically Shakes the Internet

Sneezing can be quite frustrating for many people. It can also be triggered very easily which can happen at exactly any moment. By looking at the sun, or even just taking a whiff of very little pepper, a sneeze will automatically follow. It is probably quite the same for animals, … Read more

10 Astrology Memes that Poke Fun of the Stars

Many young people have been relying on the stars and planets to dictate the trajectory of their lives lately. The fad behind the pseudoscience that is astrology has become quite the intrigue amongst many millennials and Generation Z-ers. Words like horoscopes, retrograde, moon signs and other astrological jargon have become … Read more

5 Gorgeous Filipina Beauty Queens

The Philippines has been conquering beauty pageants for quite some time now. Placing as runner ups, finalists or winning the crown altogether are the only options Filipina beauty queens are used to by now. The manner in which Filipinas project themselves have a huge effect on beauty pageants. It’s probably … Read more

12 Memes on What a Netflix Addiction is Like

Streaming has now outranked various mediums of entertainment, with the digital space making more room for content, TV and film has switched to distributing their content online. Netflix is the leading streaming platform for shows, movies, documentaries, documentary series, and even concerts who have challenged video streaming kingpin, YouTube in … Read more