Football betting online Malaysia at W88 – Win RM30 Freebet

Football betting is most beloved game played online worldwide. Find the honest review of Football betting online Malaysia at W88 & win RM30 Free bet on sign up!

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Nobody could deny that one of the only things that drive football betting more generally played than themselves is gambling on Sportsbook Betting. The consequence of the Football betting online Malaysia has revolved into a massive income of billion bucks, and there are no hands of this slowing down in the hereafter.

Introduction to Football betting online Malaysia

Football betting online Malaysia is very thrilling while you are looking to know in-depth about betting on the football regularly, there are some vital points you must learn to obtain a satisfactory feel for how football betting functions.


  • The foremost aspect of the methodology is the football betting lines of Sportsbook and spreads that are routinely fixed by providers.
  • A wagering line is formed to handicap a typical sporting occasion to even out the playing field between a favored and an underdog.
  • When it moves to a sport like a football, a spread in points is made as the most standard manner to even things out.
  • It is essential to recognize that a point spread is not designed to predict the margin of victory in any precise game; preferably it is generated as a betting means that strives to even out the cash that is staked on either side of that matchup.

Introduction W88 – Best Football betting site

  • W88 is a brand of online gaming industry specializing in gambling renowned worldwide, primarily in Asia.


  • Operated by Marquee Holdings Ltd and has a headquarter in the city of Makati – the gambling industry capital of the country Philippines.
  • An online betting company authorized by PACGOR – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.
  • W88 has been a sponsor of renowned Premier league clubs like Leicester City FC and FC Crystal Palace. You can easily notice the W88 logo in multiple Premier League games.

Is online betting legal in Malaysia?

  • As underlined earlier, football betting online is very famous in Malaysia. The profitable information is there is no lack of fair international betting sites that take bets on football in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
  • Before digging into the topic, let us quickly place your sense of comfort concerning the regulations. Read our guide on Is online gambling legal in Malaysia for more info!
  • There’s a big impulse in Malaysia to revise the law to authorize legal football betting online.
  • Officially, no online gambling in Malaysia is allowed. This indicates that no sportsbook or casino gaming provider can be established in a nation.

04 Advantages of Football Betting at W88

W88 football betting site is rated 5 stars by specialists. There are many incredible advantages of football betting at W88 making players satisfied and is the first preference of betting lovers. Points of the benefits of the W88 Malaysia have been listed below.

#1. Safety and prestige

  • The W88 site not only brands with the combination and richness in the sorts of handicaps but likewise drives players pleased with the security.
  • When signing up for an account, players must give full and correct details.
  • Each player is only entitled to register one account. This is what enables W88 to handle and secure effectively.


#2. Betting products variety

W88 is split into many other platforms making it straightforward for players to discover products that are good for them:

  • A-Sports: The Asian focused club
  • E-Sports (Asia): Asian view bet odds club
  • E-Sports (Europe): a European view bet odds club
  • X-Sports: The max number of football events & cash out feature
  • V-Sports 1: Asian cup, Bundesliga, World cup, Basketball, Tennis & many more daily fixtures odds
  • V-Sports 2: All virtual sports events
  • Fantasy Sports: Win by forming your own dream football team

Note: Minimum bet limit of all the above categories ranges from RM3 to RM5 and depends on the betting market and corresponding odds.

#3. Odds rate

  • The W88 offers a bunch of odds for participants. There are 2 most famous types of the odd pace at W88 which are European and Asian Handicap.
  • Asian Handicap is highly valued by partakers for the odds, and combination of handicaps, specifically, the payout rate is higher than other platforms.
  • European handicap with 3 choices to win, lose or tie, combining high and appealing odds.

Check out the Handicap football betting tips for Malaysian beginners!

#4. Display

  • One of the unique elements that drive players to treasure W88 is the incredibly captivating, intelligently developed interface.
  • The structure on the homepage is positioned, scientific, and straightforward for players to operate.

Available W88 Club to play Football betting online

There are 7 sports categories for players to choose from.


  • A-Sports: For sports that frequently bet with Asian handicaps, renewed handicap odds are updated every day
  • E-Sports (Asia)/E-Sports (Europe): A total of thousands of online games with additional handicaps. Depending on the player’s picks, the player can decide on an Asian or European interface
  • X-Sports: presents more than 90 live sports betting matches
  • V-Sports 1/ V-Sports 2: contains virtual sports betting games
  • Fantasy Sports: football administration fun, construct your dream team at W88. This is the most unexplored betting venue at W88.

Instructions on football betting at W88 – 3 Steps process

Many users at W88 like to bet on sportsbooks, especially football. However, they are new fellows and do not understand how to bet on a certain match. Find the below guide on the football betting online Malaysia approach at W88 for beginners.

Step 1: Access & Login at W88, go to Sports

  • Players log in to the W88 account. If not a member then do W88 Register and pick the proper football betting odds as per their betting needs.


  • Players must select reputed links to avoid scams. Once logging in, the system shows the list, and the player clicks Sports.

Step 2: Select the preferred match

  • W88 offers a complete scope of big and small games, occurring worldwide like the English


  • Premier League, Spanish La Liga, & many more. Players prefer their favored match and place wagers.
  • For particular tournaments, the player determines the odds table by clicking on “select league” in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Place bets & confirm stakes

  • Click on the betting rate of that game to put a bet.

Note: Players rely on their capability to study bets, and review and confer with specialists before making conclusions.

  • Lastly, W88 will depict a confirmation alert whether you wish to set a bet or not. If the player agrees, click on the “OK” button to confirm the bet stake, then wait for the outcome.

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Thus, the info about football betting online Malaysia at W88 is stated above. Hopefully, partakers will learn more about the football betting online platform at W88 and make the right conclusions. Presently, the football platform – W88 has many tempting bonuses, players do not overlook to refer to experience in promos, and get more additional betting chances!


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