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Playing online casino games can end up with you becoming a millionaire, but it is important to start somewhere and there is no place better than the W88 online casino site which appeals to both beginners and pros. That being said, it is also important to know how to play most casino games online, and one such casino game is Dragon Tiger which is not only easy to play but also easy to win so learning how to play dragon tiger is a must! So, buckle up as we introduce you to an easy online betting tutorial on how you can play the Dragon Tiger game online!

What Makes Dragon Tiger a Fun Casino Game?

Before we get into the how to play dragon tiger tutorial, let us first talk a little bit more about the Dragon Tiger game itself as it is the most fun casino game you can play as a beginner. Dragon Tiger online is widely considered to not only be fun but also one of the easiest casino games you can learn and play to grasp the basic knowledge of how exactly online casinos work.


  • Not only this but Dragon Tiger is a game with some of the most simple betting options and gameplay.
  • Here you must place your bets before the betting timer ends and wait for the live dealer to reveal two cards for the Dragon and Tiger sides respectively to determine the winner of the round.

Thus, because of its simplicity in nature, the Dragon Tiger pattern appeals to most online gamblers who prefer having fun to playing more complicated games like Poker, and in turn, has been regarded as the most fun casino game to play online.

The Betting Options in Dragon Tiger Online

We have mentioned that Dragon Tiger has some of the easiest betting options available at casino game rooms online, however, these are also the most crucial part of the entire game and placing bets on the correct betting options becomes very important to determine the winner. Let us then take a look at the main betting options as well as the side betting options available at the Dragon Tiger tables.


  • Dragon: One of the main betting options is Dragon, and bets here are placed to predict that the card drawn for the Dragon’s side will have a higher rank.
  • Tiger: The second main betting option is Tiger, and bets placed here are to predict that the card drawn on the Tiger’s side will be a higher-ranking one.
  • Tie: In some extraordinary scenarios, the Dealer pulls out cards with the same ranks for both the Dragon and Tiger side and so if you want to bet on this outcome then you can use the Tie betting option.
  • Dragon Odd: In the first side betting option, we have Dragon Odd, and bets placed here are to predict that the card on the Dragon’s side will be an odd number.
  • Dragon Even: The second side betting option is the Dragon Even, and bets placed here are to predict that the card on the Dragon’s side will be an even number.
  • Tiger Odd: Similar to the previous betting option, we have the Tiger Odd betting options where bets are placed to predict that the card on the Tiger’s end will be an odd number.
  • Tiger Even: Lastly, we have the Tiger Even betting option where bets are placed here to determine that the outcome of the Tiger’s end will be a card with an even number.

Learn How to Play Dragon Tiger Online in 3 Quick Steps

Now let us get to the best part of this article and help you quickly learn how to play Dragon Tiger online using only 3 effortless steps! Follow these thoroughly and get access to a hassle-free way of playing Dragon Tiger online using W88.

Step 1: Create a W88 Account to Access the Live Casino

  • Since you need to play Dragon Tiger online it is important that you select an online game room which allows you to experience the game in an authentic way and W88 is the best choice for it.
  • So, create an account in the W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘ which will be available on the top right corner of the W88 Official Website’s homepage.


  • This should open up the W88 Registration form where you must enter your details accurately. Once done, you must use your newly created login credentials to sign into W88 by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • Once this is done, you need to access the Live Casino section at W88 by clicking on ‘Live Casino‘ which is available in the ribbon menu on the W88 homepage.

Step 2: Pick a Dragon Tiger Game Room by Prominent Game Room Providers

  • Now that you have created an account at one of Malaysia’s best online betting site, you can explore and claim all the cool benefits which will come your way and the Dragon Tiger game rooms is one of them.
  • When you enter the W88 Live Casino domain, you will be able to see that you can filter out your options according to classic casino games as well as prominent game room providers.


  • However, to make things easier, you should go ahead and select the Search bar menu where you can get access to many games by just typing in the name.
  • Since you want to play Dragon Tiger, you must type ‘Dragon Tiger’ in the search bar and will immediately get access to all the Dragon Tiger game rooms at W88.

Step 3: Enter the Game Room and Place Your Bets Efficiently

  • It is important to note that no matter what game room you select, the methods to place your bets online are the same, however, it is important to read the betting rules of the game room and follow the instructions of the Live Dealer when placing your bets online.
  • Firstly, you will be given a timer of about 15 seconds within which you must place your bets on any of the betting options.


  • To do that, you must drag the casino chips to the betting option table you want to put your stake on and wait for the cards to be dealt by the Live Dealer.
  • At the W88 Live Casino section for Dragon Tiger, you can find game rooms starting from a minimum of RM1 or RM5 which you can use to play efficiently for high payouts.

Real-Money Dragon Tiger Gameplay Online Using W88

To make things easier for you, let us now take a quick look at a real-money Dragon Tiger game online where you can learn some Dragon Tiger tricks and how the flow of the gameplay works. To do this, we have selected the Virtual Dragon Tiger game room, where you can get place bets for RM1 only!

ROUND 1: Place your bets before the timer ends

  • As mentioned above, the first thing you must do is place your bets on the available betting option in the game room before the timer ends.
  • You must do this by dragging a betting chip and placing it on your preferred betting option on the Dragon Tiger table.


  • Here, we have placed a 1 chip which means RM1 on the Dragon Main betting option. Now all that is left to do is sit back and watch the game unfold. However, according to a pro Dragon Tiger Strategy, you can place bets on the side bets too since it can increase your chance of winning more cash for one betting round.

ROUND 2: Wait for the Dealer to reveal the cards

  • Once the betting time is up, the dealer will then pull out two cards, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger side, respectively.
  • The dealer will place these cards face up and whichever side gets a higher-ranking card wins the betting round.


  • Here the cards reveals are 8♥️ on the Dragon’s side and 3♥️ on the Tiger’s side. So, since 8 is more than 3, the Dragon side wins the bet!
  • However, since there are side bets available too, the Dragon Even and the Tiger Odd betting options win since 8 is an even number and 3 is an odd number.

3 Important Casino Tricks to Boost Your Dragon Tiger Gameplay

With this, you have learnt what you needed to know about how to play dragon tiger as a beginner and to kickstart your online gambling journey at the Dragon Tiger game rooms online. But before you leave, it is important that you learn to bet wisely using some pro casino Dragon Tiger Tricks which every beginner should master.

  1. Make Use of Casino Bonuses: The first and most important thing that you must do is apply for the bonus offers that your online casinos give out to their loyal customers. One way to start is by applying to the Welcome Bonus offers offered by your live casino to boost your online betting amount with extra cash. Sites like W88 give a W88 Promotion of up to RM600 for a new account which you can claim with ease to play more Dragon Tiger betting rounds.
  2. Always Observe Before Betting: The second thing that pro players do is observe some betting rounds before placing their bets on any of the betting options. This is because they can get a sense of accurate prediction on which side wins more rounds than the other and which side betting option is more effective to place their bets on.
  3. Set Daily Betting Limits: Lastly and most importantly, although playing online casino games is fun they can also be addicting. This often leads to many negative aspects and effects that online casinos tend to have on people which makes this cool skill of gambling something looked down upon. Thus, setting daily betting limits which you must adhere to can help you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling online.


Thus, this was all you must remember well when learning How to play Dragon Tiger online. Using only 3 steps, you can go ahead and place your bets online at one of the coolest online casino sites you will find in Malaysia starting at RM1 only! Remember to claim the 20% up to RM600 bonus you can get upon creating a new W88 account and making your very first W88 deposit. Lastly, use the recommended casino tricks to help you win and save valuable money and in no time, you will be a part of the pros!

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