Is roulette online rigged or real? 7 Clues to know by W88you

Is Roulette online rigged? Know the truth & learn 7 ways to uncover whether your online roulette is fake or real. Follow W88you for the best betting guidance.

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Playing Roulette online is something that is avoided by many players who are skeptical about the legality and legitimacy of online casinos. This is understandable as there are many fraudulent activities taking place online these days, but it is important to note that there are some top betting sites on the internet like W88 that are considered to be legal and secure for players. To help you find out the answers to whether is Roulette online rigged and pick the correct online betting site for you, W88you has put together this detailed article.

w88 is online roulette fake

Roulette online: Is it legal in Malaysia?

Before we talk about whether is online Roulette rigged or real let us first address whether online roulette is legal in Malaysia. In Malaysia, gambling laws are blurred as the official gambling law prohibits land-based casino gaming houses, although there is only one legal land-based casino in the country.

is online roulette rigged w88 license
The betting site should hold a license from a foreign company

Additionally, the only gambling act allowed in Malaysia is Lottery, thanks to the Lotteries Act of 1952. That being said, online Roulette is considered to be illegal in Malaysia, however, since these roulette games are offered online there are no laws that prohibit the act.

This is because there are many foreign online casinos that offer Malaysian customers a place on their online betting sites by letting them play in Ringgit. Thus, when it comes to the legality of Roulette online in Malaysia, then it is allowed as long as the online betting site holds a foreign license but when it comes to the legitimacy of online roulette game rooms and casinos and also the legality of their license providers, then you must take some precautions before indulging in playing Roulette online.

Is online Roulette rigged in live casinos?

Although there are many online betting sites emerging with Roulette game rooms these days, when learning How to Play Roulette Online it is important to note that not every online betting site is a good one to play the classic casino game at. This is because, in countries like Malaysia where the legality of online betting sites is in a gray area, businesses require legal confirmation to run a casino online from authorities.

w88 is online roulette rigged and fake

  • But since this is online, running any illegal site is easier, especially for online gaming sites that offer Roulette rooms. Although this is easier for businesses it is very scary as a consumer to indulge in such online betting sites as to pay roulette you will have to deposit money and make transactions.
  • However, using online betting sites with a legal foreign license approved by authorities as well as a secure connection with a legit SSL certification is the safest option to go with in order to avoid rigged online betting sites.
  • But if we take a closer look at most online betting sites, they work as businesses, and fraudulent activities that are reported might definitely harm their status in the betting world online because firstly, they work on a thin line between legality and illegality, and secondly, they have no reason to rig their casinos.
  • The reason behind the latter statement above is that they get paid for offering services to their customers online and this service with professionally trained live dealers, results in RTP or house edge that helps the online casino’s maintenance. In short, if they rig their own online Roulette game rooms, then they would be jeopardizing their own professional career.

Thus, in conclusion to the question of whether is Roulette online rigged, as long as you pick a site that offers legal licenses from legitimate foreign companies that are also approved by authorities, you are safe from rigged online Roulette rooms. Registering an account at online betting sites like the W88 Register is an example of such a betting site with legal and real roulette game rooms.

3 Reasons why people think Roulette online is rigged

If you ended up on our article, then you probably might have come across some claims of how online Roulette is rigged and fake but these claims are most of the time not true. We are not saying this randomly but instead through our own experience where we noticed that we lost more than we won when testing Roulette game rooms online. Interestingly, the reason behind this is the way Roulette gameplay takes place and also my own brain chemistry!

w88 is online roulette real

  1. Fast-Paced Gameplay: It is important to note that Roulette is a fast-paced game where the rounds take place quickly. In fact, the pace of the game is one of the reasons why the game is known as the devil’s game where people enjoyed the thrills of gambling on Roulette online so much to the point that they behaved demon-like.
  2. No Roulette Strategies used: Because of the pace of the game online, players often do not play using strategies or abandon them altogether. This results in them losing more betting rounds than they would have if the strategies were used. If you want to play Roulette online using some cool Roulette Strategies to win, then check out our detailed how to win roulette online article at W88you.
  3. Negative events are remembered more: Even if they won an equally good amount of rounds when playing the game online, most players noticed their losses more thanks to the fact that our brain mostly focuses on and remembers the negative events more than the positive ones. Remembering the money your lost more than you won results in rage.

All of these results in the belief that the online betting site they selected is cheating them and that their online Roulette is rigged. It is important to be mindful of these fallacies your mind can trick you into believing, but it is equally important to be responsible to select an online betting site that is safe to play at as there are some online Roulette casino sites out there that operate illegally and have cheated people before when it comes to money, and so below we have accumulated 7 ways to know when the online Roulette casino is fake or real.

How to know that an online Roulette casino is not rigged?

Before we look into the 7 ways of knowing whether your online Roulette is not rigged, it is important to note that when you enter a game room, you must first observe a few betting rounds of the game by skipping them. Doing so would help you not only understand the game flow but also pick up on any fishy activities in the game room, which is indeed the best way to know if the Roulette table is rigged or not.

w88 is online roulette rigged or real

  1. Own a Foreign License from a reputed company: As mentioned above, the first thing that can hint that the online casino you are using to play Roulette online is not rigged is the license they hold. This is something you should look into first as using an online betting site with a legal foreign license is important to play Roulette. That being said, most legal betting sites like the W88 Live Casino offer game rooms that are famous in the betting world online, these game rooms should also have their own legal betting licenses.
  2. Game room Live Dealer camera has multiple views: As mentioned above, if the online betting site you select is your playground, then the roulette game room is the equipment with which you will be playing the roulette game online. So, the game room you select offers you multiple angled live dealer cameras to watch the game by observing the dealer and the roulette wheel from different angles then it is a sign that the room is not rigged, as you would easily be able to call out any fishy acts.
  3. The online casino has relevant links on the homepage: Relevant links are something that goes unnoticed by most online gamblers when picking a betting site for themselves, but if you select a site that has links to their licenses with additional links to gambling therapy and their game room providers, then it could be a major sign that the online casino game room for Roulette online is not rigged. Having relevant links acts as a source that proves the credibility of the betting site, and these are usually available on the homepage.
  4. Sponsor history involves famous partnership deals: Another way of knowing that your online roulette is real and not fake is by looking at the sponsorship deals that the site has indulged in over the past year. As expected, an impressive sponsor partnership deal is indeed a good sign that the casino online is a safe place to play and if these deals are consistent then the proof strengthens even more. For instance, the W88 Sponsor list includes famous soccer teams which automatically makes the site credible enough to use.
  5. Game rooms provided by top game room providers: It is important it is to use game rooms provided by top game room providers in the betting world online and so, if your online roulette casino offers game rooms from famous game rooms providers then that is a great sign of the site not being rigged. This is because the live dealers in such game rooms are professionally trained and so rigging any game could automatically harm their career. Club W8 Grand, Ezugi, MG Live, etc. are such professional game providers.
  6. Compulsory account verification for all members: Next on the list, if your online Roulette casino requests necessary or compulsory account verification for new members, by requesting identification details, then it may be a sign that the online betting site you have selected is not rigging their roulette games online. This is because account verification is a way to safeguard your account details in the database of the site so that hacking becomes nearly impossible. At W88, you can get W88 Free Credit of RM30 on account verification.
  7. Multiple customer support contact details: Lastly, it is important that the online betting site you select offers live chat support that operates 24/7. This is crucial because if there is a fraudulent act caught by you in the game room, you should be able to immediately report authorities that operate the site. Not only this but if your online casino offers you multiple ways of contacting live help, then you can trust this online betting site as this shows they cater to customer needs as a team and is thus, a proper operating company.

Use these 3 tips to pick out the best live casino to play online Roulette

In the last section of this article, let us leave you with 3 strategic tips you can use to pick out the best live casino site to play online Roulette online. These tips are something that you should look for in the online betting site you select. Using these 3 tips, with the above precautions would not only give you a secure but also beneficial online betting site to play Roulette and other classic casino games online.

w88 is online roulette real or fake

  1. Should have new members live casino bonuses: If the online betting site you select passes the above 7 red flags, then you must go ahead and visit the promotion section on the site. Here, you must look for the live casino bonuses that you can claim upon making an account registration. This is crucial because online gambling can cost more at times, especially with fast-paced games like Roulette, so most beneficial online casinos like the W88 Promotion often have bonus offers up to RM600 or more to play games like Roulette online, which is a must.
  2. Look for Reviews of the site by existing customers: Another thing that you should look for is the casino reviews, which is perhaps the best way to find out more about online casinos. In fact, in online casinos, there are live chat rooms where you can enquire with players from across the globe. But finding such an online betting site with game rooms that offer live chat services is important in the first place. Reviews are the best way in which you can come to know more about the online betting site from the players who have experienced playing there. To add to this, the sites reviewed by famous Roulette players are something you should look out for too!
  3. Offers multiple game rooms for Roulette: Lastly, the online betting site you select should offer you a variety of online casino game rooms to play. These game rooms should vary in their style as well as the betting stakes which you can choose from depending on your bankroll. Multiple game rooms will give you a chance to experience Roulette from different online game room providers and so you will end up sticking to one online betting site, which is crucial when it comes to playing online and gaining benefits from promotional offers.


This was how you can know whether Is Roulette Online Rigged or real using 7 ways. Additionally, it is important to apply the 3 roulette tips to know if the online betting site you select is the good one you should go for or not. That being said, using proper roulette game rooms is extremely crucial just like picking the best online betting site. To know more about the legality of online games as well as some betting tips, stick to W88you, you friendly online betting guide.

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