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What is the meaning of Over/Under 1.5 in betting? Learn with W88you’s easy explanation from W88 examples. Join W88 Malaysia to get a sports bonus of up to RM150.

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In sports betting online there are many online betting options that can confuse many beginners and if you are a newbie to all of this excitement online, then you should start slow by first learning about the over/under betting option, which is one of the easiest main betting options in most sports matches. To explain what this betting option is about, we will be using the help of W88, Asia’s top online betting site, and the example of the meaning of Over/Under 1.5 in betting as this is the most common O/U bet option in sportsbooks.

Introduction to Over/Under in sports betting

Before we look into the over/under 1.5 meaning in sports betting, let us give you an overview of what is the purpose of the over/under betting option in sports. As mentioned above, although there are many betting options, the Over/Under bet is the easiest main betting option beginners can try because here you do not have to bet on individual matches but instead have to predict the overall end score of the match. The objective of this betting option is to predict whether the overall goal will be over a given margin number or under the same margin number.

w88 register over under 1.5 bet in sports meaning

As you can see in the image above, the Football Over/Under margin numbers are different as they are derived based on the previous match results and statistical data. This is something you do not have to worry about as the bookies will give you the correct margin and odds, what you must do however, is predict whether the score would total up to more than the margin number (Over) or less than the margin number (Under). Thus, this bet depends on the final score total of both teams as they have to be summed up to give you the results.

What is the meaning of Over/Under 1.5 in sports betting?

To understand the explanation given above, let us look at the meaning of over/under 1.5 in betting. Here, the margin number given is 1.5 meaning that you must bet on whether the score will be more than 1.5 or less than 1.5. 1.5 stands for one and a half goals and so, the .5 or half goal is given in this betting option to even out the betting options.

w88 over under 1.5 betting in sports meaning

However, in some cases, the total score can be exact. To know what happens if the Over Under is exact check out our detailed article on it. As you can see above, there are many over/under margin numbers given but here our main focus will be the 1.5 O/U option. Here, we must predict whether the combined or total score of both teams would sum up to be over 1.5 which is more than 1.5 goals, or under 1.5 which is less than 1.5 goals. To further understand this, let us split the over 1.5 and under 1.5 into 2 cases.

Case 1: Over 1.5 = Total goals is more than 1.5

w88 over under betting in sports over 1.5 example 1

The first of the two sub-betting options, the over 1.5 betting option means that you are placing bets to predict that the total score will be more than 1.5 which is 2 goals and above. If the total score of the match is 0 or 1, then the bets placed on the Over 1.5 option lose.

Case 2: Under 1.5 = Total goals is less than 1.5

w88 over under betting in sports under 1.5 example 1

The second sub-betting option is the Under 1.5 bet option where you place bets to predict that the total score will be less than 1.5 which is 0 or 1 goal. If the total score of the match ends up with 2 or more than 2 goals, then the bets placed on Under 1.5 is lost.

Place Over/Under 1.5 bets in 3 steps using W88 Malaysia

Now that you know the meaning of over/under 1.5 in betting, it is time for you to go ahead and try placing the bet yourself using W88. We recommend W88 as the online betting site for sports betting because it offers you will many benefits that are pocket-friendly thanks to their W88 Promotion bonus offers. Here, you can get up to RM150 on sportsbook online.

Step 1: Join W88 to access any top sportsbooks

  • To place bets on over 1.5 or under 1.5 in sports betting at W88, you must first create an account on the site by clicking on ‘Join‘. This will take you to the registration form that you must fill out with precision.
  • Next, you must click on ‘Login‘ to make sure you are logged into the newly created account by entering the login credentials.

w88 register over under 1.5 betting in sports meaning

  • Once done with the sign-up process in the W88 Register, you must hover your mouse cursor or click on ‘Sports‘ to access the sportsbooks available on the betting site.
  • From these sportsbooks, you can pick your preferred sportsbook to continue with the remaining steps below. Here, we picked the e-Sports Asian sportsbook whose betting amount starts from RM5 only which is pocket-friendly and also a sportsbook that is easy to place bets.

Step 2: Locate a match with an Over/Under 1.5 betting option

  • In step 2, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options and their odds for matches from different sports. So now, you must filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ to access all soccer matches on one page.
  • You can also further filter out the matches that are live, upcoming for today, and the ones in the early market. Moreover, you can bet on entire leagues by selecting the outright filter option. Here, we have selected the Early Market option to get all matches scheduled for the coming days so that we can have enough time to clear up our schedules and watch the match live for the results of the bets we will be placing.

w88 over under 1.5 betting in football meaning

  • Once you have completed the sub-steps above in the W88 Sportsbook, you will find all the soccer matches in one place, so now you must scroll down to locate a match with the Over/Under 1.5 bet option.
  • Upon doing so, we found a match between Manchester City and RB Leipzig under the Champions League with a 1.5 bet option. When you find the desired match, you must click on the match and move on to step number 3.

Step 3: Place your bets in the W88 sportsbook using the bet slip

  • For the final step, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options available for the match you selected. Here, you must locate the Full Time Over/Under or FT O/U bet option.
  • Once done, you must click on your preferred sub-betting option which will open a bet slip that you must fill out.

w88 register over under 1.5 betting in sportsbook

  • In the bet slip you will see the over/under sub-betting option with the betting odds. Next, you must then enter the betting stake in the given slot to see how much payout you will receive if your bet wins.
  • Here, we placed an RM5 bet on Over 1.5 with the odds of 2.37, the payout we will receive is calculated by multiplying the odds with the stake so 2.37 x 5 would give us a payout return of RM11.85.

Betting on Over/Under 1.5 option using betting odds

Before we leave let us introduce you to a great way of selecting a proper betting option from the two sub-betting options, and that is by using the given betting odds for both options. Betting odds in sports betting is extremely important to determine how much payout you will receive and as mentioned above it is multiplied by the betting stake. So, the higher the betting odds and stake the better the payout. To know more about how Football Betting Odds work check out our detailed explanation of it.

Wagered on Over 1.5 @ 2.37 Wagered on Under 1.5 @ 1.59
w88 register over under 1.5 betting in over 1.5 example w88 register over under 1.5 betting in under 1.5 example
Betting Odds: 2.37 Betting Odds: 1.59
Betting Stake: RM5 Betting Stake: RM5
Payout if the bet wins: RM11.58 Payout is the bet wins: RM7.95

As you can see in the table above, the over bet has a higher betting odds of 2.37 whereas the under bet has a betting odds of 1.59. Thus, although the betting stakes are the same, there is a huge difference in the payouts where the former will receive RM11.85 while the latter would receive RM7.95 if the respective sub-betting options win.

Thus, to receive higher payouts and if you are not sure which option is the better one of the two, you can always go for the one with the higher betting odds, but it is also wise to look at the game stats of the teams from previous matches to find out the average total goals scored between both teams to get accurate predictions. For more such betting tips, stick to W88you, your friendly online betting guide.


This was the meaning of Over/Under 1.5 in betting where you must either bet to predict the total score of the match to be over 1.5 or under 1.5 goals. We hope that our explanation with examples from the sportsbooks of W88 helped you understand this easy main betting option in sports in a simple way. With this, we again recommend using a beginner-friendly website like W88 that is easy on your wallet as it offers you a new member bonus of up to RM150 which you can claim to play over/under 1.5 bets online.

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