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Reach out to W88 CS within 5 seconds via Live Chat 24×7 & get RM30 Free credit on W88 register! Use contact number (+60 167490888) or Email: infoin@w88.com

About W88 Customer Service

Asking questions is always encouraged especially in today’s technologically advanced world. So, when using W88, one of the top betting sites in Malaysia, it is natural to have many questions in mind, as this site will give you many resources in one place. To get your answers, you can use any search engine, but to make things easier, you can just go to W88 Customer Service (CS) to find all your answers in one place.

W88’s CS offers you answers to any of your questions within the span of 5 seconds only! Not only this but to make things easier their 24/7 Live Chat is present on every page and it takes only a few kicks to get there. Besides this, you will find many ways to communicate with W88’s CS agents that will help you thoroughly whenever needed.

3 Quick Ways to Contact W88 Customer Care Agents

Although there are many ways to contact W88 Customer Care Agents, here are the top 3 easier and quickest ways. These modes of communication can work for various forms of inquiries.  


To find any of these, you need to login to your W88 account and click on “Contact Us” available at the right side of your screen. You will find the Contact Us button on most of the pages at W88.

You can also contact W88 CS using:

Since W88 prioritizes customer satisfaction and care, they offer other ways you can get to them. For this, you will need to visit their “Contact Us” Page which you can find at the bottom of every page. Here you will find that there are other 3 ways to contact W88.

 Telegram is one of the new ways to communicate instantly via chat. When you hover over “Telegram”, you will find a QR code available that will link you to their Telegram on a new tab.

The second new way of communication is via Line which is used by many people in recent years. Again, if you hover over “Line” you will be given a QR code that you can scan to communicate on Line.

Lastly, you can use the old-fashioned way of communication and just call them. This will help you talk to them and understand them better than on chat. You can click on “Call Us” or just dial “+60 167490888”.

What can you ask W88's Customer Service?

W88 offers you with some of the greatest deals you can find in the betting world. With this, they also offer one of the best services and assistance when you need help. Not only this but they will try their best to help you till you are completely satisfied. Let us look into some of the most common areas you can talk to W88 CS about.

1. Account Related Questions

Questions related to your account probably pop into your mind from the time you make a W88 register. So, the quick Live Chat available can definitely come in handy here. Think of a question related to your account and you can ask W88 Customer Care who will make sure to answer everything.

2. Betting Queries

Questions related to betting are definitely valid as you will be placing your money in this area. So, at W88 CS, you can ask them any questions about betting and everything related to it. If asked, they will tell you about the various promotions offered by various providers at their site. Not only this, but they will also let you in on the rollover requirements and terms and conditions for making bets and claiming the bonuses.

3. Deposit/Withdrawal Details

The main aspect related to money at W88 is Deposit and Withdrawal. As a beginner, it is obvious to enquire about how much you should deposit on a betting site and when can you withdraw your money. So, you can trust W88 Customer Care’s services for their honest responses to this. If you wish to deposit by applying for a bonus, then you can ask them for the minimum deposit rate that you need to give. 

4. Technical Issues

Lastly, W88’s CS is always ready to help out if you face any technical issues, whether it is from their end or your end. They offer you a proper detailed guide with steps you need to take to solve the issue. They will try to go for every method and let you in on each step so that the issues can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Have fun with online betting only at W88 Malaysia. Stay updated on bonus rewards and much more!

Is W88 CS Really Helpful?

Now that you know how to contact W88 Customer Care and what all you can ask W88, the main question still remains: Will W88 CS really help out with my queries? Well, to answer in short, yes. W88 provides you answers to questions no matter how small. They even ask you to rate your experience with their service so that they can improve themselves. Besides this, you can also be sure of this by reading their customer reviews.

Nurin Zakwan
Nurin Zakwan
Read More
I was afraid of losing all the money I had to withdraw so contacted W88 Customer Care and I had to wait for about 2 minutes to get in touch with a live agent, it was worth the wait. They fixed my issue in minutes and even guided me on how to withdraw my money.
K. Sumisha
K. Sumisha
Read More
Since google did not give me the answers I wanted and I do not like calling people, the 24/7 Live Chat service was very useful, especially considering the fact that it was 2 AM at night. I was able to get back to gaming without losing a lot of time.
Maswah Jamsare
Maswah Jamsare
Read More
I was looking to spend time playing some games that could earn me some money so I created an account but did not know what to do next. They were excellent, very helpful and patient. They even helped me through the process of verifying my account.


W88 Customer Care is very helpful with sorting out any issues. The site offers some of the best online gambling experiences you can gain with ease. Using W88, anybody can begin their betting journey responsibly and safely as help is always available on the site 24/7. Be sure to enquire about the various offers you can earn every day using W88’s Live Chat and more!