W88 Free Credit – Grab RM30 on New Register in Malaysia 2023


Get W88 Free Credit for New Members, Exclusively from Malaysia 2023! Claim Free Credit RM30 on W88 Register, Account Verification, e-Wallet Deposit & Withdrawal.

About W88 Free Credit of RM30 - Terms & Conditions

You must know about the W88 betting site already, but if you don’t, then here’s what you need to know. Click on W88 Malaysia to know everything about W88. In a gist, the W88 betting site is a legal sports betting and live casino games site in Malaysia. It is licensed by PAGCOR to conduct online gambling games in Malaysia legally. Join W88 Malaysia to enjoy high-quality & safe online gambling activities at affordable prices.


W88 has brought one of the best online gambling promotions for new members in Malaysia, it is free credit of RM30 without making any deposit. Get absolutely free RM30 in your W88 wallet and use them to start your journey on an online gambling site at W88. Read more about other W88 Promotions for new members & claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on your first deposit of a minimum of RM30 at W88 Malaysia.

  • The first step to claim RM30 free credit is to create a W88 account in Malaysia 2023. This W88 free credit is applicable for new members only, who haven’t made a deposit in their W88 wallet yet. Hence, you have to be a new player to register at W88 and claim RM30 free credit on registration.
  • Once you have created the W88 account, you need to verify the details you entered into the W88 account to claim the W88 free credit. Keep a note that this process will help you claim the locked free credit and you have to unlock the bonus amount later to withdraw it. Until then, verify 4 things in your W88 profile:
    1. Change the Password: Change the password of your W88 profile to make it stronger and ensure that you are the owner of the W88 profile since an old password is required to change the password. We recommend completing the W88 account verification as soon as you can after registering.
    2. Add Bank Account details: The second step to claim W88 free credit is RM30 is to add your bank account details to the W88 betting site. Enter your bank name, your name in your bank account, and your bank account number to add the details to your W88 profile, and your step is completed.
    3. Verify your Phone Number: Verify your mobile number by asking for the verification code from the W88 team and they’ll send the code to your mobile number, enter the code in the column and your mobile number will be verified if you entered the correct phone number.
    4. Verify your Email Address: You have to follow the same procedure to verify the email address as you did to verify the mobile number. Ask for a verification code from the W88 team to your email address, enter the code that has been sent to your email address and it will be verified.
  • As soon as you verify your account, claim a W88 free credit of RM30 in your W88 wallet by visiting the Promos section of the W88 Official betting site. In order to unlock the W88 free credit and withdraw the amount in your bank account, you have to complete 3 terms and conditions before withdrawing.
    1. Deposit Minimum RM30: First step to unlock the bonus amount is to deposit a minimum of RM30 in your M88 wallet and use that deposited amount to earn more real money with W88 sportsbook, live casino games, slots online, lottery, P2P games, Fishing, etc. Try earning up to RM100, will help.
    2. 1 Rollover Requirement: Next step is to use the deposited amount to place bets on the W88 betting site and win more real money. This way you will be able to complete the 1 rollover requirement very easily, all it means is to place 1 bet on any W88 product before making a withdrawal.
    3. Withdraw Minimum RM100: The last step is to make a deposit of a minimum of RM100 from your W88 wallet to your bank account. Hence, play W88 games, win more real money, and withdraw your winning amount of up to RM100 in your registered bank account.
  • When all the terms and conditions are completed, you can withdraw the free credit of RM30 from your bank account. Join W88 today and claim well-deserved free credit of RM30 in your W88 wallet.

How to Claim W88 Free Credit of RM30 - 3 Steps Guide

First thing you must do after registering your account at the W88 betting site is to claim the W88 free credit of RM30 for new members in Malaysia. You can claim RM30 for free, without making a deposit; all you need to do is create a W88 Register account and verify the details you have entered in your W88 account profile.

Step 1: Register W88 Account & Click on ‘Promos’

  • Access the W88 Official website and create your account by clicking on ‘Join‘ if you don’t have an account already. If you have an account, then click on Login to access W88 products for gambling.
  • Keep a note in mind, that you can claim W88 free credit before making a deposit. This promotion is applicable on new members only and once you have made a deposit, you are no longer eligible.
  • Visit the ‘Promos‘ section to see all the promotions available for new and existing members, you can locate the option in the W88 menubar where all the options available at W88 are given in a menubar.

Step 2: Locate & Claim W88 Free Credit of RM30

  • Since W88 free credit is a promotional deal for new members, click on ‘New Member‘ to filter the promotions for new members. You can locate the promotion under the name Extra RM30 will be Yours!
  • Now that you have located the W88 free credit bonus, click on ‘Claim Now‘ to claim the welcome bonus. Make sure you have completed the verification process before claiming the promotion and haven’t made the W88 deposit yet. Once claimed, go ahead to deposit, play, and withdraw to unlock the bonus.

Know whether you have Claimed W88 Free Credit or not

W88 betting site has brought a feature for online players who forgets to keep a track of various things, like claimed promotions, bet history, fund transfer history, transaction history, etc. Similarly, you can know whether you have claimed the W88 free credit by now or not. Follow the steps given below to know claimed bonuses.

  • The first step to knowing whether you have claimed the W88 free credit or not is to log in to your W88 account and click on the Fund $ to visit the History section of your W88 betting profile.
  • A drop-down vertical menu will appear on the screen and the History option is given at the bottom. Click on History to visit the section where all kinds of histories of your W88 account will be tracked.
  • Once clicked, you will reach the history section. Histories you will learn in this section are a deposit, withdrawal, adjustment, fund transfer, and Promotion Claim. To know whether you have claimed W88 free credit or not, you must click on ‘Promotion Claim‘ to see the claimed promotional deals at W88.
  • Enter the starting and end date from where you want to know the claimed promotions and click on ‘Submit‘ to get the answer at the end of the report. Our record showed ‘No Records Found‘ which means we haven’t claimed any promotional deal since we joined the W88 betting site for online gambling.


W88 Free Credit of RM30 is an interesting offer for new members at the W88 betting site, register your account at the W88 betting site, verify your account by changing the password, adding the bank account, verifying the phone number, and email via verification code sent in registered accounts. Complete these four processes to claim the W88 free credit and you have to complete 3 more steps to withdraw the bonus amount, deposit a minimum of RM30, withdraw a minimum of RM100, and complete 1 rollover requirement.