W88 Free Credit RM30: New members Promotion in Malaysia 2023

Win W88 Free Credit Promotion of RM30 or 5 USDT in Malaysia 2023. Make new member register, verify your details & get free kredit with no deposit in W88 wallet.

Looking for an online casino site that gives you amazing benefits without every making a real money deposit? Then the W88 site is the right one to choose as this betting site is not only one of the bests but also has one of the best W88 free credit no deposit Malaysia bonus offers that you can claim in 2023. Before you scroll down, here is an overview of the amazing credits you can claim as a W88 new member.

Register an account in the online betting site and verify phone number, email address, create a stronger password, and add a bank account to claim RM30 W88 free credit.

Register an account and create an automatic Crypto account to verify phone number, email address, add a crypto account, and upgrade password for 5 USDT free credit.

Malaysia new members get W88 Free Credit RM30 bonus in 2023!

Getting right into it let us first introduce you to the W88 free credit you can claim on your MYR registered account in the W88 Register. This free credit is a no deposit bonus that you can gain by just verifying your account details. However, there are some important things about this W88 Promotion that you should learn about as they are the terms and conditions which is addressed below.

Conditions to make the W88 free credit RM30 entirely yours!

The W88 conditions given to claim the RM30 free credit bonus is extremely easy and does not require you to do much. In fact, the conditions put here are to help you secure your account to avoid any mishaps.

  • Register Account: Firstly, you should register an account and visit your profile to verify the details as mentioned in the steps below.
  • Verify Details: The details that you must verify are important as they will secure sensitive information in your account in the W88 database.

These information include your bank details, profile password update, phone number verification, and email verification. Once done, you will see RM30 locked in your online W88 wallet, and to unlock this you must follow the below terms.

  • Deposit Amount: To unlock the bonus in your W88 account, you will have to make a minimum deposit of RM30 in the W88 wallet as there is a rollover requirement.
  • Rollover Requirement: The rollover requirement is only one time which means that you must play any games on the W88 site one time to make the required withdrawals.
  • Withdrawal Amount: Lastly, you should make a successful W88 Withdrawal of RM100 and upon doing so the bonus amount of RM30 will be automatically unlocked in your account wallet which you can also withdraw.

Playing with Crypto? Get W88 free credit USDT 5!

If you wish to not make any Ringgit W88 Deposit but rather prefer playing with crypto coins, then thanks to W88’s recent upgrade, you can play the products at W88 by claiming the USDT version of the W88 free credit mentioned above. Let us now take a look at the conditions of claiming the promotion bonus using your crypto account that you can create automatically at the time of making account in the W88 register.

Terms for Crypto W88 Free Credit

The conditions given to claim the 5 USDT W88 free credit is not very different from the conditions of claiming the W88 free credit of RM30. Thus, they are not difficult and is indeed beneficial to you as it will help secure your USDT account. 

  • Create Crypto Account: You need to register an account on the W88 website and while doing that, you must check the box to create an automatic crypto account which will be linked to your normal or MYR account which you can switch between any time as mentioned in the steps below.
  • Verify Details: Then you must visit your crypto profile and verify your phone number, email address, update your password with a security question, and add a crypto account for transaction purposes.

Doing so will secure all this sensitive information in the W88 database to protect you from any online fraudulent activities. Just as mentioned above, the 5 USDT free credit will then be locked in your account wallet once you have completed the verification process. To unlock this 5 USDT free credit, you can then follow the conditions given below.

  • Make Deposit: You must make a minimum deposit of 5 USDT in the W88 wallet to be eligible to unlock the free credit bonus in your account wallet.
  • Complete Rollover: Then you must rollover this money one time by playing the fun W88 Live Casino, sportsbook, slots, and other games on the W88 site.
  • Make Withdrawal: When you have collected a minimum of 20 USDT in the account wallet and make a successful withdrawal of it, the 5 USDT free credit will be unlocked.

How to claim the W88 Free Credit bonus in your account?

Now that you have learned about the W88 Free Credit promotion offer, where you can get free RM30 or 5 USDT depending on your account, let us move on to the next step where we introduce you to a quick 2-step tutorial on how you can get the free credit no deposit in your W88 account.

Note: Before we get into the steps, it is important for you to note that the W88 free credit promotion can only be claimed on one of the accounts. This means that if you claim the RM30 free credit for the MYR account, then you cannot claim the 5 USDT free credit for the crypto account.

Step 1: Joing the W88 site and Visit your profile

  • The first thing that you must do is register an account in the W88 Register by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button and filling out the registration form with accurate details.
  • Then you must ensure that you have logged into your W88 new account by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials.
  • It is important to note that when creating an account in the W88 Register, you should check the box to automatically create a crypto account for yourself.
  • Once done with creating an account in the W88 register, you must make sure to switch between MYR or Crypto depending on your preferred currency from the drop-down menu as shown in the image above and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Verify details to build RM30/5USDT in your wallet

  • Once you have completed the steps above, you must click on your profile name which will give you a pop-up box where you must then click on the ‘Profile‘ option.
  • Once are redirected to your profile page, here you will see a 0% shield with the status Account Safety: Unverified. This is because the details in your newly created account are not verified.
  • To verify this, you must click on each of the icons beside the shield and verify the details till the status turns to 100% Account Safety: Fully Validated.

Verifying the below details is extremely important to secure your account in the W88 database so that you can play on the site without having to worry about any fraudulent activities. Let us now look in detail at what you need to verify and how you can build up RM30 or USDT 5 in your MYR or Crypto account respectively to make a W88 Withdrawal.

Create a strong Password

You must secure your account by creating a strong password and adding a security question whose answer only you would know. This will add RM5 from the RM30 or 1 USDT from 5 USDT to your account wallet.


Add a Banking account

Then depending on which account you are using you must add a bank account or crypto account with accurate details so that you can make W88 deposit or withdrawal transactions with this account. 


Verify your Phone number

The most important thing that you must verify is the mobile number that you registered with your W88 account at the click of a button. This will add you RM20/3 USDT from the W88 Free Credit amount to your account.


Verify the registered Email

Similar to the mobile number verification, you must verify your Email Address in the W88 register with a click of a button. Doing so will give you the remaining RM5 or 1 USDT from the respective W88 free credit bonuses.


Once you have verified all these details, the W88 Free Credit of RM30 or 5 USDT will be locked in your online betting account. To unlock this you must complete the deposit, rollover and withdrawal conditions mentioned above.

The deposit process may seem sketchy as this is a free credit no deposit bonus, however, the deposit amount is the same as the free credit amount for both W88 Promotions. So, in the end, you not only get the free credit RM30 back, which is the minimum deposit amount, but also get an additional RM100 which is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Important things to know about the W88 free credit

In the last section of this tutorial, let us leave you with 3 important take-aways that will help you get the W88 free credit all to yourselves in the W88 account which you can then use to play fun W88 Sportsbook and live casino games.

Mandatory withdrawal

Firstly, although this is a no deposit free credit promotion bonus, you should know that to completely get the RM30 as cash you must make a mandatory withdrawal of at least RM100 or 20 USDT to get to withdraw extra RM30 as well.

Rollover subjection

As stated you have to make a withdrawal which means that you must also make a minimum deposit and complete the rollover requirement of only 1 time by playing on fun products like sportsbook, and live casino games offered by W88.

Can be nulled

It is extremely important to adhere to the conditions under the selected W88 free credit bonus. You can only apply for any one of them and if W88’s team notices any fraudulent activity from your end, the bonus can be nulled and the account blocked.


The W88 Free Credit deal on the all-rounder betting site is one that you should definitely bag when it comes to free bonus offers on registration. Making your first deposit and playing the fun games offered on the betting site and withdrawing the minimum withdrawal amount would grant you extra cash rewards. W88 is one prominent website in the betting world where you can also get additional new member bonuses on sportsbook products and live casino products to experience online betting in a pocket-friendly and thrilling manner.