W88 Poker Download for PC, APK & iOS | Get RM30 Free Credit

W88 Poker download is available for PC & Mobile (Android & iOS) in Malaysia 2023! Join W88 online & get 100% up to RM600 on 1st deposit with Free credit of RM30.

Introducing W88 Poker Download for APK & iOS PC

Poker has multiple variants throughout the world and the craze never goes down. Digital Revolution has brought gamblers to the doorstep of online poker websites and they have created poker applications to access and play poker online with great ease. W88 Poker is one among thousands of online betting sites that offer applications to download and play poker online, but W88 Poker PC is not like the others, it’s the Best!

W88 Poker Download is the most popular and trustworthy platform to play poker online with a minimum betting limit of $0.1 and a minimum buy-in limit of $0.5 to buy a seat in different variants of Poker. Texas Hold’em, Short deck, Poker tournaments, VIP games, and so many other poker variants are available to play at W88 poker PC. Download the application in your device today & enjoy ultimate poker experience.

05 Beneficial features of playing at W88 Poker PC & MAC

We have entered a period where more and more players are moving from traditional online poker sites to poker PC applications. poker W88 PC app is a medium that can assist you in improving your gambling approach. So, without further ado, let’s look at the 05 beneficial features of using the w88 poker PC app.

1. Legal, credible & safe Poker: Legality of W88 Poker download is a must to enjoy tension-free and safe gambling. W88 is licensed by PAGCOR – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation to conduct legal online gambling and a valid SSL certificate keeps the details of customers intact, safe, and secure.

2. Huge Prizes in Tournaments: In a poker tournament, everyone begins with the same amount of chips. The player who acquires all of the chips in play is declared the winner. W88 provides tournaments of every shape, size, and format for you, from freerolls and satellites to big events.

3. Extensive range of Poker tables: W88 poker iOS & PC app is a tool that breaks down different games, assisting you in navigating the thrilling poker world. It allows you to play a wide range of poker games, including No-Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Open Face Chinese cash games.

4. Learn from a professional’s watch: With a poker W88 app, you can see the most popular players in the room. You may keep an eye on them while they’re playing to boost your self-assurance and enhances your gambling experience. You’ll also learn the techniques that these players employ.

5. Practise makes a player perfect: There is always space for development, whether you are a beginner, a novice, or an expert, and a W88 poker app is an ideal way to study, brush up on, or test out new techniques. On the W88 Poker PC app, there are free games where you can practice before dealing with the real thing! When you play for free, there is no stress than when you play live with other people.

Start W88 Poker download for PC and MAC in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 to play poker online on your device is to download the W88 Poker application on your device. Make a quick stop at the W88 official website to download the app and play poker online to earn real money. Follow these 3 steps mentioned below to download the W88 Poker app in PC

Step 1: Access W88 & Select ‘Poker’ under P2P

Go to your preferred search engine and type in ‘W88’ to access the W88 official website, but there are multiple domains that you might get confused about, and visit a duplicated website. Hence, we recommend clicking the link above to visit the W88 official website in the quickest and safest way.

  • Make W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘ in the top right corner and filling out the registration process. Complete the verification process to smoothen the process of deposit and withdrawal at W88.
  • Select P2P and a dropdown box will appear on your screen, click on ‘Poker‘ from the listed games to play at W88 and you will be redirected to a new page with links to download the W88 Poker PC.

Step 2: Click ‘PC Download’ to begin W88 Poker download

  • Download the W88 Poker App on your PC or mobile phone to enjoy the game on your Android and iOS devices with a decent amount of real money and win a real deal of money in your bank account.
  • Click on the PC Download Button to download the application on your laptop and computer. If you own a Macbook, click on MAC Download and scan the QR Code for the W88 Poker Mobile download.

Step 3: Install the Poker App by clicking on ‘Run’

  • After clicking on the button, the file will be downloaded to your device and you will require to open the fill in order to run the file, install the application and play poker online.
  • Click on ‘Run‘ if you are sure about the application and have no second thoughts on the W88 Poker download. Once you click on Run, W88 Poker App will start the process of running the application on your device.
  • A small box will appear on your screen asking for the preference of your language, there are 14 languages listed in two vertical lines: English, Bahasa, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, etc to choose from
  • Select the language you prefer to be displayed on the W88 Poker PC and click on ‘Install‘ to complete the process of installation.
  • It will take nearly 10 minutes to install the application, it can be installed faster depending on your internet connectivity. You can Open the app after installing and enjoy the perks of playing online poker.

Video tutorial to Download & Play W88 Poker on PC

07 Rules one must know to play W88 Poker Online

Before attempting to play online poker with real money, it’s wise to know the rules better. Get a simple idea of the rules, gameplay, and actions to play W88 Poker online. Mentioned below are the most important and basic rules one must know to play poker online, the Texas Hold’em variant.

  1. Dealer: The dealer takes the first action in Texas Hold’em poker, it is determined by the button that moves consecutively in the poker online rounds.
  2. Small Blind: First person sitting to the immediate left of the dealer places the bet. This is the smallest possible bet, that can be placed in poker online.
  3. Big Blind: Player to the immediate left of the small blind places the second bet, double the small bet.
  4. Hole Cards: Each player is given two cards individually and is not meant to be seen by your opponent.
  5. Community Cards: 5 community cards are drawn on the table, these cards are shared by all the players to create a better hand rank possible with 5 cards involving 2 hole cards and 5 community cards.
  6. Actions: There are 6 possible actions you can take while playing poker online Texas Hold’em version: 


    • Check: Continue playing the game without placing the bet. Players consider the ‘Check’ action as a weak symbol, you can use this action to disguise your cards and bluff your opponents.
    • Bet: Place the same bet as the previous bet and continue to play the game if you have strong cards.
    • Raise: Increase your betting amount if you believe that you have strong cards and continue to play.
    • Call: Place the same bet as the bet of your previous player and continue to play poker online.
    • All-in: to place the bet of all the money you have and claim for the showdown in poker online.
    • Fold: Quit the game by clicking on ‘Fold’ and you can stop losing your money if your cards are weak.
  1. Showdown: Remaining players show their cards at the end of the last betting street, the player with the highest possible hand rank wins the game and takes the pot home.

Poker Cards Hand Ranking from Strongest to Weakest



1.   Royal FlushW88-poker-download-royal-flush-hand
  • High-valued cards in consecutive sequence.
  • The suit and color of the cards must be the same.
2.   Straight FlushW88-poker-download-straight-flush-hand
  • Middle-ranked cards in consecutive sequence.
  • The suit and color of the cards must be the same.
3.   Four of a KindW88-poker-download-four-of-a-kind
  • Four same valued cards in a hand of 5 cards.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
4.   Full HouseW88-poker-download-full-house-hand
  • A pair of similar cards + Rest 3 cards are also same.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
5.   FlushW88-poker-download-flush-hand
  • The suits & colors of all 5 cards are the same.
  • Irrespective of the sequence of the cards.
6.   StraightW88-poker-download-straight-hand
  • A consecutive sequence of any valued cards.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
7.   Three of KindW88-poker-download-three-of-a-kind-poker-hand
  • Three cards are the same value among 5 cards.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
8.   Two PairsW88-poker-download-two-pairs-poker-hand
  • 2 Different pairs of similar value cards.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
9.   One PairW88-poker-download-one-pair-hand-poker
  • A pair of the same valued card in the hand.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.
10.    High CardW88-poker-download-app-poker-high-card
  • Any non-consecutive cards, prefer higher value cards.
  • Irrespective of the suits and color of the cards.

How to play at W88 Poker Download - 3 Steps Guide

Now that your PC is possessed by the most amazing app of the decade – W88 Poker iOS PC. Begin the adventure by sitting at a poker table with other players all over the world and enjoy earning real money. Learn how to play poker online at W88 Poker PC in three steps, find yourself a suitable table and sit to play poker online.

Step 1: Enter the Username & Password, and Click ‘Login’

  • After downloading the W88 Poker PC, open the application and click on ‘Login‘ to open your W88 account. A pop-up box will appear on your screen, enter the username and password in the column.
  • Enter Username & Password accurately. Password will be the same as the password of your W88 account but your username will have ‘w88’ as a prefix in your username.
  • Click on ‘Login‘ to enter the gaming zone after entering the password and username in the box.

Note: The username in the W88 Poker App will have ‘w88’ as the prefix in the W88 username and the password will remain the same at the W88 account. For instance, if your W88 username is ‘malay’ then you have to enter ‘w88malay’ in the username column in the W88 Poker PC to log in.

Step 2: Explore the tables & ‘Join’ to play the W88 Poker online

  • Select the type of Poker you prefer playing, we are selecting Texas Hold’em – The most popular variant of Poker in the world, to give example to the readers on the poker online application.
  • A list of Texas Hold’em Poker active games will appear on the screen indicating the minimum and maximum stake, number of tables, number of players, worth of a seat, and a join button.
  • Select the table of your preference to play poker online and you can see the group or table view in the right panel. Join the table by clicking on ‘Join Table‘ and play the game as you play poker.

Step 3: Set the Minimum betting limit & Start playing

  • You will be redirected to a Texas Hold’em Poker table and you will be asked to set the minimum amount to buy a seat at Texas Hold’em Poker table. The minimum buy-in amount in the least expensive Texas Hold’em poker table is $0.50 and the maximum buy-in amount is $2.
  • Buy your seat on Texas Hold’em Poker table by clicking on ‘Ok‘. You can continue to watch the game until a seat gets empty for you to sit, sit on Texas Hold’em Poker table as soon as you see an empty seat or you can continue to watch the game until you are comfortable to spend some money. 

Note: We have explained the process of downloading and reaching Texas Hold’em Poker table for PC users, the process is absolutely the same for all other users, including Macbook, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

Real Money Gameplay of Texas Hold'em Poker in W88 Poker PC

Grab RM30 Free Credit on W88 Poker Download on PC

Claim W88 free credit in 3 simple steps mentioned below, click on the link to read the descriptive version of the same gist given below. Register a new member’s account at W88 and enjoy free credit of RM30.

  1. Register your account at the W88 Official website by filling out the registration form correctly.
  2. Validate 100% of your profile’s detail by changing the password of your W88 account, adding a bank account, and verifying the registered mobile number, and email address in your W88 account. 
  3. Claim the RM30 W88 free credit after verification and complete 3 conditions to withdraw the amount in your bank account. Deposit a minimum of RM30, play at any game to complete 1 rollover requirement, and make a withdrawal of RM100 to convert the locked bonus amount to RM30 to withdrawable.

05 Bonus tips to win more real money at W88 Poker PC

Read Poker tips & tricks to win more real money with ease. Follow up the strategies strictly to increase your winning rate by 96% and know the secrets of the best poker players in the world.

  1. Don’t be the first to limp: Bluff is an art one must master if one wants to make a living out of W88 poker online. Right bluffing can make you win the round even with the weakest hand ranks. Raise your bets in preflop and you will be able to win great deals. If you limp in the start, you are less likely to win.
  2. Play strong hands faster: There’s a perfect amount of bluff in poker online and if you don’t know it, we recommend playing your strong cards faster before any players put forth their stronger cards first. 
  3. Disguise your hands perfectly: Don’t let your opponent know the strength of your cards, hide them perfectly. Bet the same amount of money in every street and you will be able to disguise your cards perfectly. Keep your confidence and bluff smartly in front of your opponent.
  4. Follow consistent strategy: Don’t discard your strategy until the very stick, poker is not a game of luck, it’s a game of skill and character. Stick to your default strategy and you will see the wonders.
  5. Don’t let emotional tilt ruin you: Losing a round in poker online can affect the player vastly and that’s when they discard their strategy and lose more money. Don’t let this emotional tilt gets heavy on you and continue to follow your strategy as long as you can, players win hug deals are a great loss.


Poker is a game that everyone must play. Playing W88 poker download on a PC has many benefits as mentioned above. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, poker has a lot to offer. Give poker a shot and you’ll have a great time. Beginners must definitely try the W88 poker PC app to improve their skills. Download now & Try your luck at W88 Poker tables and see how far your winning streak will take you.

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