4 Hot W88 Promotions – Win 100% Bonus RM600 with Promo Code

Know 4 W88 Promotions & Claim the best of them! Win Mandatory Free Credit of RM30 & a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to RM600 with a W88 Promo Code in 3 Simple Steps.

Playing games online is something many youngsters have been resorting to because this is now a new way of investing your money while having fun simultaneously. Speaking of money and games, fun games and Cashback Bonuses – two of the important things you need to be entertained can be both found at W88 online. In fact, each of the products they offer on their website gives you a welcome bonus you can claim in just 3 simple steps by creating a new account today! So, let us look at all the cool W88 promotion offers you can get the benefits of!

#1 Join W88 to Claim the Free Credit No Deposit Bonus of RM30

First, on the list, we have a promotion bonus which is very rare in the betting world online and this is why W88 automatically becomes a reliable website to play games. This W88 promotion bonus does not require you to do a lot except for 3 main things, which we will look into, to claim the W88 Free Credit of RM30.


  • The W88 bonus deal mentioned here gives you a free credit of RM30 upon verifying your new W88 account by verifying all important details accurately.
  • Doing this would help you not only get the free credit of RM30 upon your first withdrawal but would also ensure that you have a good and secure online gambling account where everything about you – your details, password, and sensitive information like bank details are safe and secure. 


  • To claim the W88 free credit promotion bonus of RM30, you must first join W88 with a new account and then visit your profile to complete your account verification by verifying your Profile Information and Login Credentials, Bank details, Phone number and Email ID up to a 100%. 
  • Doing so would lock the W88 Free Credit in your account. Then in the W88 deposit wallet, you must make a deposit of RM30 to cover up for the 1-time rollover requirement to claim this W88 promotion.
  • Once done, you must roll over your money at least once or more than once to collect RM100 in your W88 wallet. Then to unlock the W88 bonus new member free credit, you must make a one-time withdrawal of RM100 and you will get back the RM30 bonus!

2. Play Slot Games Online Using W88 Promotion Offer of RM600

Playing slot games is a must when you decide to play games on online betting sites like W88 however, this can become heavy on your wallet because of how fun slot games in general are. That being said, it is important to claim any slot game bonus offers on the online betting site you decide to play and there is nothing better than going for the W88 slots extravagant bonus offers for their slot products online!


  • The W88 promotion for W88 Slot Online games is one of the most extravagant bonuses you can claim as they give you 100% up to RM600 on slot game products online.
  • Claiming this bonus requires you to follow certain terms and conditions precisely which will give you up to RM600 bonus in the W88 slot wallet of your choice. This amount highly depends on the amount of deposit you make, so the more money you put in, the higher the bonus you will receive.
Slot ProviderProduct WalletBonus CodeBonus AmountRollover 
Gameplay InteractiveClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100SBV20Up to RM60020
PlaytechClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100SPZ20Up to RM60025
BooongoClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100BO20Up to RM60025
MicrogamingClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100SMM20Up to RM60025
Play’n’GoClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100SGAP20Up to RM60025
Pragmatic PlayClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100PP20Up to RM60025
QtechClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100QT20Up to RM60025
SpadegamingClub W Grand, Massimo, Slots, Virtual & LotteryW100SP20Up to RM60025


  • To claim this promotion, you must first make a minimum deposit of RM30 in any of the slot games wallets at W88. This means that W88 has many slot game providers, as shown in the table above, who offer slot game rooms to play. So, you must make the minimum deposit in any of the game room provider’s wallets in your W88 account online.
  • It is not necessary to make exactly a deposit of RM30 as the deposit you make will affect how much bonus you receive up to RM600. So, the more you deposit the higher bonus amount you will receive.
  • This will lock the bonus amount in your slot wallet, so, the next thing you must do is go ahead and roll over the amount 20 times by playing the slot game products offered by the game room provider you put your money in.
  • Once you have completed the rollover requirements, the amount you will receive based on your deposit amount will be unlocked which you can then transfer to your real bank account and claim the bonus money!

3. Claim 20% up to RM600 on W88 Casino, Lottery, and aSports

Another best part about joining an online gambling site like W88 is that you can get access to many welcome bonus offers and find the one which appeals to you and your gambling style the most. So, no matter which product you decide to play at W88, they have a bonus code waiting to be claimed by you! One such bonus code is the W88 20% up to RM600 bonus which you can claim with ease!


  • Like the above-mentioned bonus offers, claiming the W88 bonus of 20% up to RM600 offer is very simple on a newly created account in the W88 register online.
  • What is even cooler about this W88 promotion offer is that it gives you the opportunity to earn up to RM600 on 3 of the W88 products which are W88 Live Casino, aSports Sportsbook, and Keno.
ProductProduct WalletBonus CodeBonus AmountRollover Time
aSportsa-SportsW20WSUp to RM60015
KenoLotteryW20WK2Up to RM60015
Live CasinoClub W GrandW20CAUp to RM60015



  • To claim the W88 bonus on three prominent products in the online betting site, it is first important that you log into your new W88 account and make a deposit of at least RM30 as your first deposit online.
  • The wallets you must make a deposit in can be selected according to your preference but should be made accurately. For instance, as shown in the table above, the bonus code for aSports product will work in the aSports wallet. Similarly, the one for Keno will work if you deposit your money in the Lottery wallet.
  • It is also important to note that the Live Casino offer for this W88 promotion is only applicable for all products in the W88 Club W Grand live casino.
  • Then, you must complete the wagering requirement up to 15 times with respect to the products and product wallet you have deposited your money for and once done, the bonus amount, with respect to how much you deposited, will be added to your W88 online account.

4. Use W88 Online to get the best deal of up to RM150 on W88 Products

If you think that this is all W88 has to offer then you are wrong because they also have one of the best bonuses you can claim with ease immediately after creating a new W88 account online. So, taking up only less than 2 minutes of your time, you can get access to the entire package of the best online gambling products, along with some of the best bonus deals in the betting world, like this 100% up to RM150 account.


  • This W88 promotion is similar to the aforementioned one where you can get a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM150 on multiple W88 products with just a newly created account in the W88 register.
  • Applying for this promotion would give you the chance to claim the bonus amount for any one of the products at W88 online which include their aSports and eSports W88 Sportsbooks, Live Casinos, All Slot Games, and Keno.


  • Claiming this W88 promotion which offers you a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to RM150 is slightly different from others. So, to apply for this W88 promotion, you will have to visit the promos section and click on the Apply Now button where you will then be introduced to a form where your Username and a generated reference ID will be mentioned, so all you must do is click on the Submit button to activate the W88 promotion in your account.
  • Once you have done that, you will receive a Special Bonus Code via SMS, on your Email Id, or via Private Chat in your W88 account within 15 minutes after you have completed the claiming procedure.
  • Using this code, you must make a W88 deposit of RM30 in your account and enter the Special bonus code there to lock the bonus amount in your W88 account.
  • It is important to note that this bonus is created for W88 Sportsbooks, Live Casino, All Slot Games, and Keno, but you can only choose to apply the bonus to any one of the products here by depositing your money in any of their respective W88 wallets. Lastly, you must complete the required rollover amount of 20 times to unlock the bonus amount in your account.

Claim the Top 4 W88 Promotion Bonus Offers in 3 Simple Steps!

Now that you have been introduced to some of the best promotion deals you can find in the betting world online, let us also give you a quick tutorial of how you can claim these cool and fulfilling W88 promotion offers in only 3 simple and quick steps. Follow these as well as the requirements under the promotions you select, and get the maximum advantage of these W88 promo offers to boost your betting account online.

Step 1: Login at W88 and Visit the W88 Promos section

  • The first thing that you must do to claim the bonus offer is going to W88’s official website and log into your W88 account. For those who do not have a W88 account, you must go ahead and click on ‘Join‘ to create a new account in the W88 Register.

NOTE: W88 allows you to create, own, and maintain only 1 account in the W88 register and this account must be verified with the required legal details. Any creation of multiple accounts at W88 is considered a fraudulent act and so W88 can terminate and take strict action against this act.

  • This will take you to the W88 online form which you have to fill out precisely and top it off by adding a unique username and strong password. Then use the newly created login credentials and click on ‘Login‘ to make a successful W88 login.
  • Once this is done, you can go ahead and click on ‘Promos‘ which you will find on the right-hand side of the ribbon bar on the W88 homepage. When this is done, you can move on to the next steps ahead without any hassle!

Step 2: Select any one of the W88 New Member Welcome Bonuses

  • Once you have completed all the steps above precisely, you can go ahead and look at all the cool W88 promotion offers you can take full advantage of as a prominent W88 member on the site but for now, since you are a new member, you must click on ‘New Member‘ to filter out your options in the promos section.
  • This will give you the chance of looking at which W88 promotion offer is the best option for you as you can click on any W88 new member promotion and read the terms and conditions well.
  • Not only this but doing so would give you the opportunity of getting the accurate W88 bonus code under each of these promotions which you must copy-paste or remember as it will come in handy for the next and final step to claim the W88 promotion.

Step 3: Enter the Bonus Code while making a Deposit in your W88 Wallet

  • In the final step of claiming the W88 promotion, you must first visit the deposit cashier which will be available on the top right of any page on the W88 official website to make the required W88 Deposit by clicking on ‘Deposit‘.
  • Doing so would give you the 2 safest deposit option to choose from which is Bank Transfer or Internet Banking. Here, we went for the Internet Banking option by clicking on ‘PayPro‘ to make instant deposits of a minimum of RM30, the required amount.

Then, it is important to fill out the deposit form precisely so that you can lock the W88 bonus amount in your bank account. For this, you must fill out the form by keeping the three important things in mind:

  1. Deposit Amount: The first thing that you must keep in mind is the W88 deposit amount that you have to enter. It is stated for all the W88 promotion offers above that the minimum deposit amount you have to enter is RM30. However, this does not mean that you cannot enter more than RM30 as the maximum deposit amount at W88 is RM30,000. As long as your deposit amount is above RM30 and below RM30,000, you can go ahead with the W88 deposit form.
  2. Deposit Wallet: Next and most important thing is the W88 Wallet in which you wish to make a deposit. This is important to note because the Deposit wallet is where the Bonus amount will be locked. So, if you are joining W88 to play sports betting, then it is important that you only select any of the W88 wallets made for sports specifically.
  3. Bonus Code: Selecting the correct wallet is a crucial step, but entering the correct W88 promo code is equally important. This also means that the bonus code you enter should match the deposit wallet you are putting your money in. Although there are options available in the drop-down menu you can select from in this section, there is also an option available to enter the W88 bonus code manually. This is when copy-pasting the bonus code from under the W88 promos section is important as well.

NOTE: To get the bonus code for the 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM150 W88 Promotion, you have to send in the opt-in form with your username and automatically generated Reference Id, so that you get an SMS, Email, Or Direct Message of the Special Bonus Code you can use during the W88 deposit process.

In Conclusion

The W88 Promotion bonus offers is something that every beginner gambler must go ahead and claim because it is one of the greatest opportunities to earn instant cashback prices in the betting world online. Joining W88 would give you access to not only the best sportsbooks in the betting world but also to the best online game rooms for casinos, slots, lotteries, P2P gaming and many other products which are top-notch with their services. So, go ahead and create a W88 account today to claim any of the above-mentioned W88 bonus offers in the betting world and enjoy the most authentic thrill of gambling online!