W88 Review | Declared No. 1 Betting Company in Malaysia 2022

Honest W88 Review in Malaysia 2022: Is it really the best Legal Site for Online Sports, Casinos & Slots Gambling? Join & win a 100% welcome bonus of up #to RM600.

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Is online gambling illegal in Malaysia?

Getting straight to the point, online gambling in Malaysia is both, legal and illegal. This is because gambling is looked down upon in a negative light because most people tend to spend money more money on it. Besides that, people also do not tend to trust online sites because of the generational prejudice people tend to have toward the internet.

W88 is Legal and Safe

That being said, gambling itself is an amazing skill to have because if you own it, you are already cool, look at James Bond. Besides this, in Malaysia, online gambling is legal but has its limits. For example, live casinos and lottery-related betting are allowed. However, most people who bet on Sportsbooks do so without fear as it is illegal. So, there must be something about gambling that makes people want to task risks, let’s find out why.

Why Choose W88?

Since gambling’s legality in Malaysia is so-so, it is important that you gamble on a betting site that is healthy for you. As weird as it sounds, there are only a few such sites in Asia and W88 is one of them. When you choose W88, you will not only get the benefit of playing with low betting rates but you would also earn extra cashback because of their promotions.

  • Besides this, W88 has a legal license to operate and function as an online betting site. Since Live Casino and Gaming Slots are already legal in Malaysia, they have validation for sports betting from the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation and have a license provided by Offshore Gaming License.
  • This license is given to Marque Holdings Ltd., the company that operates W88. So, all together W88 is completely legal in Malaysia, thus, making it one of the few best betting sites available there.

Additionally, W88 is sponsored by some of the best sports teams like Argentina F.A. and Fulham F.C. as their regional and principal partners.

Explore Slot Games, Casino, Sportsbook, and more at W88

All you know about W88 by now is just an overview of the W88 official site. Let us now dive deeper into the different domains offered by the site as a brief W88 review on all of them.

#1: Enjoy W88 Slot Games and More!

W88 is widely known for offering some of the best slot games available in the betting world. Not only this but they also have other 2 domains specifically meant for playing P2P slot games and Fishing Master.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM05


Additionally, all the games that are provided on the site come from top game providers like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, PlayNGo, Gameplay Interactive, and many more.

At W88 slots, you can play games like Jackpot Raiders, Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Age of Gods, Fruit Bonanza, Punto Banco, Xoc Dia, Three-Card Poker, and more!

#2: W88 Casino Games Start at the Lowest Price

The second-best thing you can explore at W88 is their Live Casino which offers some of the most famous casino games. You can play at Live Casino with real live dealers and experience the entire online gambling thrill to the fullest.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.50


The best part of it all is that the minimum betting rate at W88 Live Casino is only RM0.5! You can make bets and play games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and other casino games that are easy to access.

Besides this, you can also select from many game rooms available by top casino club providers like Club W Grand, Club Evolution, Club Palazzo, Club Massimo, etc.

#3: Live Sports Betting at W88 Sportsbook

Completely legal and safe, we have the W88 sportsbook that gives you live updates on ongoing matches. Here, you can even bet on matches that will take place later in the day or even on upcoming matches in the future.

Minimum Betting Amount: RM05


Making bets at W88 sportsbook is very easy according to a W88 review, you just have to click on the betting option you want, insert the minimum bet amount, and sit back and enjoy the game.

These betting options in W88 Sportsbook are similar to the ones available on most betting sites – 1X2 or Head to Head bets, Over/Under or OU bets, Man of the Match bets, Match Winner bets, Total Score bets, Parley Bets, etc.

#4: Play Lottery to Win More

Last but not least, the most fun thing to bet on is Lottery. This is because the outcome depends on the numbers you choose and ever seen anybody sad when they win the lottery? No!

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1


So, try and test your luck today by registering at W88 and visiting the Lottery domain offered by Gameplay Interactive, one of the top game room providers.

You can choose to play at GPI Lottery, W Keno, Fast 3, Lotto, Keno, and So De, among other lottery sites.

4 Hottest Promotions for New Members at W88

No betting site is complete without offering its customers the luxury of welcome bonuses and W88 is the site that definitely does! That is right, upon joining W88, you can get not one but four bonus promotions on a new account. Read further to find out what these W88 promotions are

#1: Grab 100% up to RM600 on Slot games

The first and most appealing bonus you must check out is the RM600 bonus offered by W88 in promoting their Slot games.


  • To claim this promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of RM30 during the time of registration. This deposit must be made in any of the Slot wallets using their respective bonus codes available under this promo.
  • Once done, up to RM600 will be locked in your account. In order to unlock this, you must complete the rollover requirements 20 times and you can finally grab the 100% up to RM600 bonus.

#2: Sport-bettors get a 100% bonus up to RM218

The next equally good W88 promotion is the one on W88 Sportsbook. Here you can get up to RM 218 as a welcome bonus. However, the minimum deposit of RM30 as your first deposit is necessary to lock this promotion for your account.


  • To unlock this, you should complete the wagering requirement of 20 times. This will grant you complete access to the 100% up to RM218 welcome bonus.
  • W88 also offers an alternate W88 Sportsbook bonus of 100% up to RM150 that you can grab instead. This will require RM30 as a first deposit too.

#3: Get a Bonus of 20% up to RM600 at Casino and Lottery

Another bonus offer that gives you the luxury of earning RM600 is W88 Live Casino and Lottery promotion. Here you can get a 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600 cashback.


  • To claim this promotion, deposit RM30 or more and enter the code W20CA for a bonus on Live Casino or the code W20WK2 for a bonus on Lottery at W88.
  • Like the others, the rollover requirement for this is 15 times, which will then give you cash up to RM600 that you can withdraw.

#4: Verify your account and get RM30 on Withdrawal

Speaking of withdrawal, W88 also offers a bonus on your first successful withdrawal. Here, you must deposit RM30 first as a first deposit.


  • Once done, you must complete the rollover requirements 1 time. However, the bonus will only be unlocked once you complete all account verification.
  • Thus, this bonus pays you a W88 Free Credit RM30, upon making an RM100 withdrawal and verifying and securing your details.

What are the pros and cons of W88? Let’s find out

Now let us take a look at the cons of joining W88. Yes, every betting site has its own flaws, and let’s see how many W88 has

5 Pros of W88 Malaysia that will compel you to Register:

  1. Let’s you game 24/7: One of the best parts about W88 is that it lets you game 24/7 as the game rooms are always open online. With this, they also provide a 24/7 live chat service where the agents are always happy to help.
  2. Ensures Responsible Gaming: Continuing the previous point, gaming 24/7 is bad for health although W88 allows it. This is because they ensure responsible gaming. If you spend 24/7 playing games, you probably should check out their self-exclusion service which has helped people manage themselves.
  3. Gives you a variety of game rooms: Playing one game in the same game room can be boring. This is why W88 offers many game rooms you can choose from provided by top game providers. They also have bonus offers on each game room under their promos section.
  4. Rewards you for completing account verification: Although the 100% Extra RM30 bonus is said to be given upon first-time withdrawal, it has another goal – that is, to motivate you to complete your account verification. Unless you do not verify all your account data, you won’t be able to access this free promotion.
  5. Your data is secure at W88: Lastly, your account and its data are completely safe and secure at W88. The team at W88 upholds their terms and conditions as well as security protocol very well, and so if any fraudulent activity is caught, W88 will take action immediately. 

3 Cons of W88 Malaysia that you should consider before joining:

  1. Live Agents Response Time: Although W88 has a 24/7 live chat service, their agents take about 3 or more minutes to respond. This is because they are live agents, meaning real people trying to help all of the W88 customers out.
  2. Dark Mode isn’t too great: The dark mode gang might not like the dark mode on W88’s site. This is because their dark mode is too dull which does give the site a good look. You might need to turn on the brightness which again hurts the eye, especially when playing games at W88.
  3. Bonus for only 1 account: Lastly, all the above bonuses and more are only meant for 1 account. So, you cannot use 2 or more accounts. This is because the account needs legal documents for verification and security purposes and having more than one account wouldn’t work.
Nalang Bintang
Nalang Bintang
Read More
It is a nice way to spend time and keep my mind working. I log in from my phone so the website is alright but the app is pretty good. Would recommend using the app on the phone and website on your desktop, especially when playing slots
Fuuad Chempaka
Fuuad Chempaka
Read More
Customer Service Sucks ugh, they took time to reply but because the issue with my withdrawal got resolved with the automatic suggestions. So their Ai? I guess, system is good for the live chat but if you want to really talk to a human then call!
Awang Hazeer
Awang Hazeer
Read More
This sooooo addicting LOL, I did not know it would be so fun. It is also fun hanging out with people in the live chatroom. But I think I might take a step back and come back after a while, probably after my neck stops aching, till then I will use this wallet as piggy bank


In conclusion in the detailed W88 review, we have learnt many things about the site from whether it is legal or not to all the wonderful things it offers. We also have looked into 3 major pros and cons that people often talk about in their respective W88 reviews because we must also learn to weigh the pros and cons of any site before investing money. Speaking of investments, W88 is one of the places where you can make small-time investments and be sure that your money is secure.

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