W88 Sports Betting | Win 100% bonus up to RM218 in Malaysia

W88 Sports, the best Betting Company in Malaysia 2023: Win a 100% welcome bonus up to RM218. Place RM05 minimum stake bets on Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc.

If you’re looking for the finest online sportsbook betting for gamblers in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right spot. W88’s professional guide will introduce you to everything you need to understand about playing sportsbooks online at leading Malaysian betting sites, each of which is subjected to an in-depth review.

Introduction to W88 Sports Betting online

Sports enthusiasts, whether physical sports or electronic sports, would definitely know the thrilling experience when it comes to betting on their favorite teams competing with the other groups. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite team triumph while making a lot of money? Sports bettings are such lucky and easy wins, especially now that the best online sportsbook, W88 Malaysia gets hotter and hotter!

Gratefully living in a modern generation, avid sports betting fans could already place a bet right on their screens. There are lots of best online sports betting around. Logging in to online sports betting in Malaysia, you could see the full statistics of the team you wish to bet on (that is basically just the same in traditional gambling). Thus, maximize the casino and gaming experience despite the physical distance.

W88 Sports Betting - 4 Most Popular Providers in Malaysia

There are four sports betting providers at W88 in Malaysia, explore each to pick the best for you and grab a chance to win a 100% welcome bonus up to RM218 in W88 Promotion section.

W88 a-Sports

W88 a-Sports betting provider is the best platform for traditional players, who prefer the traditional style of betting and multiple betting types with great odds.

Soccer, virtual soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, E-sports, badminton, and even lottery are available at W88 a-Sport with live streaming. It displays the decimal form of odds for easy understanding in Malaysia. Place your bets with at least RM05 & grab a chance to earn more real money at W88.

W88 e-Sports

There are two variants of e-Sports at W88, one is meant for Asian players and the other is meant for European players. If you prefer the traditional style of sports betting, you should opt for e-Sports (Asian) and if you prefer the modern layout of online sports betting, you should opt for e-Sports (European).

W88 e-Sports is an affordable online sports betting website because of its minimum betting limit. Deposit least amount of RM30 and place your bets on multiple sports events with RM05 minimum stake.

W88 v-Sports

V in the v-Sports stands for Virtual sports betting, there are two variants of v-Sports providers: v-Sports 1 & v-Sports 2. Virtual horse racing, dog racing, virtual cricket, virtual soccer, virtual tennis, virtual basketball and so many other virtual sports are available for betting at W88 Malaysia.

W88 v-Sports is one of the best online sportsbooks for virtual sports in Malaysia. Place bets & get results within minutes while enjoying the streaming.


FANTASY Sports betting is the next level of online sports betting, where you get to choose your team and win accordingly. Players select the members of the team, if the selected players match the real-life team in a consecutive manner, then the players win.

The entry fee for Fantasy sports is RM120 at W88 for Malaysian players. Select your team after depositing the entry fee, you can also pool and play at Fantasy sports betting to increase your chance of winning.

W88 Sportsbook - 5 Sports to bet with minimum RM05

With hundreds or thousands of online sportsbooks in Malaysia and across the world, sports bet fans and gamblers might be overwhelmed with what specific sportsbook website to play. But don’t you worry because the W88 team got it covered for you! Here are the top 5 sports for betting online at W88 in 2023:

W88 Football

W88 comes with an easy-to-follow football table. Every match is worth betting on, including HDP handicap football, 1×2, O/u (over and under), and many sub-type bets.

In Malaysia, the Asian handicap is very famous, and on the W88 betting site, you can learn football forecasts and football betting online. W88 Football Sportsbook online supports participants to bet on most big and small leagues that are not the same as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, Etc.


Basketball betting is similar to football betting at W88. The knowledge of getting rich from betting on basketball will allow players to modify their lives. The world’s basketball matches have attracted a lot of attention lately and enticed the attention of multiple national and foreign gamblers.

W88 Malaysia offers odds on how many goals the strong team can handicap the weaker team. W88 sportsbook that offers this betting format indeed delivers justice on Basketball betting.


Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world, You can gamble on outright results, such as the winner of a match, winner of a series, over/under on the first innings score, & the number of sixes.

Cricket betting in Asia is offered by multiple betting websites and promoted even by well-known cricket players – W88 is one of them. There’re lots of cricket tournaments are available on W88 to pick from, like, CPL, BBL, Ashes, World cup even IPL.


E in E-Sports stands for electronic video games, craze for virtual electronic games has been increasing tremendously post covid. Players look for websites to not only play but bet on such electronic virtual games. W88 brings E-sports betting to you. 

Place bets on electronic games like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Valorant, etc with a minimum betting limit of RM05. Enjoy the live streaming of the games and place bets on your favorite team and players at W88 E-sports betting. 


Tennis is a popular sport all around the world, and with that popularity comes online betting. The 3 most popular types of tennis betting are Moneyline, game or set spread, and over/under.

W88 has carried tennis into the online betting game at its dealer. By joining W88 sport, you will be able to play tennis betting on significant tournaments like Tennis Australian Open, US Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and so many more.

How to place bets on W88 Sportsbook - 3 Steps Guide

Pick out the preferred W88 sportsbook provider and sports event you want to bet on and follow the steps mentioned below to place your bets at W88 sports to earn more real money with great ease. 

Step 1: Access W88 Sports & Select e-Sports 

  • Click on ‘Join‘ to create your sports betting account at W88 Malaysia, given in the top right corner of the W88 homepage. Fill out the registration form correctly and validate 100% of your W88 register.
  • Select ‘Sports‘ from the horizontal list of W88 products below the W88 logo with Fulham Football Club & Argentine football Association logo. Visit all the available W88 sportsbook providers to choose from.
  • Click on ‘e-Sports‘ by Gameplay Interactive to experience a modern layout of online sports betting with a minimum betting limit of RM05 and live betting with multiple betting options and great odds.

Step 2: Select preferred sports event to bet at W88

  • Choose the preferred sports from the left vertical panel of sports available to bet at the W88 sportsbook. Soccer/Football is the most popular sport to bet on in Malaysia & that’s why we’ll choose ‘Soccer‘ to provide an example for you.
  • Select the recently upcoming or ongoing football match for quick play. You can click on the date to see the available football matches to bet on that particular day, given in the horizontal list.
  • Select the match you want to bet on from the list of ongoing matches, we chose Suwon F.C. vs Jeju United – Korea – K League to present an example for you and give you a better understanding.
  • Observe the odds and click on the odds, alongside the football team you want to bet on. For instance, we chose to place a bet on X – Draw with 3.59 odds in the 1X2 betting option.

Step 3: Enter the bet stake & place the bet 

  • After clicking on the desired odd, a betting slip will appear on the right side of the screen, fill out the required information to place bets on your favorite football team at W88 Sports betting.
  • Enter the betting stake: Enter the amount of money you want to wager on your football team in the match to win. The minimum betting stake at W88 Sportsbook is RM05.
  • Evaluate the pay-out: The amount of money you will win if you predict the right winning team of the match will depend on the amount of money you wager on and the odds on the team.
  • Place Bets: Click on Place Bets to confirm your bets and wait for the conclusion of the match to see whether you won the bet or not.

For instance, if you chose to bet on X – draw between Suwon F.C. and Jeju United in Korea – K League with 3.59 odds and RM100 betting stake. You will get RM359 if the match will result in a draw and you will lose the RM100 wagered amount if the match doesn’t end in a draw.

Let’s take more examples to get a clear idea with tabular formed data, suppose you chose to bet on the 1X2 betting option with RM100 wagering amount. There are three possibilities of winning, depending on which team you predict to win, your betting stake, and the odds on the particular team.

Case 1: Bet on 1 – Suwon F.C.

Case 2: Bet on x – Draw match

Case 3: Bet on 2 – Jeju United


Odds: 3.03

Odds: 3.59

Odds: 2.17

Wager: RM100

Wager: RM100

Wager: RM100

Pay-out: RM303

Pay-out: RM359

Pay-out: RM217

If Suwon wins: you get RM303

If match draws: you get RM359

If Jeju wins: you get RM217

If Suwon loses: you lose RM100

If no draw: you lose RM100

If Jeju loses: you lose RM100

Video tutorial on How to Place Bets on W88 Sportsbook

3 Most preferred W88 Sports Betting Odds

W88 Sports betting offers multiple betting options with great odds and payout value, but three of them stand out and become the most popular online sports betting odds. Know them better & earn more money:

#1. 1×2 Betting Option

The 1X2 betting option is the most popular betting option in sports betting. 1 refers to the home team winning, X refers to a draw, and 2 refers to the away team winning the match. Hence, place a bet on 1 if you think the home team will win the match, and place a bet on X if you think that match will result in the draw. 


  • Case 1: Bet on 1 – Place a bet on Suwon FC with RM100 and 3.08 odds, you will receive RM308 in payout if Suwon FC wins the match otherwise you will lose the wagered amount of RM100.
  • Case 2: Bet on X – Place a bet on the draw with RM100 and 3.58 odds, you will receive RM358 in payout if the match results in a draw otherwise you will lose the wagered amount of RM100.
  • Case 3: Bet on 2 – Place a bet on Jeju United with RM100 and 2.15 odds, you will receive RM215 in payout if Jeju United wins the match otherwise you will lose the wagered amount of RM100.

#2. Asian Handicap Betting Option

Adding a particular number to the weak team score and subtracting the same number from the strong team, the final score after adding and subtracting will determine the winner of Asian Handicap Betting. If you think that Suwon FC will win after getting an additional 0.5 in its score as a handicap score then place your bets on Suwon FC +0.5 and if you believe that Jeju United -0.5 will get a higher score even after subtracting 0.5 from its match score, then place bets on Jeju united to win the Asian handicap betting option.


  • Case 1: Bet on Suwon FC +0.5 – Place a bet on Suwon FC +0.5 with 1.69 odds and RM100 stake, you will receive RM169 if Suwon F.C. wins the match after adding 0.5 to its score at the end of the match. 
  • Case 2: Bet on Jeju United -0.5 – Place a bet on Jeju United -0.5 with 2.26 odds and RM100 stake, you will receive RM226 if Suwon FC wins the match after subtracting 0.5 from its score at the end. 

#3. Over/Under Betting Option

The Over/Under betting option let the players bet on the total score in the match. Place your bets on ‘Over 2.5’ if you think that the total score of the match by both the teams will be greater than 2.5 goals and place your bets on ‘Under 2.5’ if you believe that the total score by both the teams will be less than 2.5 goals.


  • Case 1: Bet on Over 2.5 – Place a bet on Over 2.5 with RM100 and 1.71 odds, you will receive RM171 in payout if the total score in the match crosses 2.5 goals otherwise you will lose RM100.
  • Case 2: Bet on under 2.5 – Place a bet on Under 2.5 with RM100 and 2.18 odds, you will receive RM218 in payout if the total score in the match doesn’t cross 2.5 goals otherwise you will lose RM100.

Evaluate the Pay-out using W88 Sports Odds

You can calculate your winning amount even before you place a bet. Why is knowing this formula important? Well, it helps to save your time and give you clear idea whether you want to bet on the team or not in just a second. Follow up the formula mentioned below to calculate your winnings ASAP!

Winning Pay-out = Betting Odd X Wagering Stake 

For instance, let’s calculate the potential payout by placing a bet of RM100 on Jeju United with 2.15 odds to win the Korea – K League against Suwon Football League. 

  1. Betting Odds: 2.15
  2. Betting Stake: RM100
  3. Winning Pay-out: 2.15 X 100 = RM215

Hence, your potential payout will be RM215 after placing a bet on the team with odds 2.15 and an RM100 stake. You can know your potential payout without even clicking on the odds, entering the betting stake, and checking the betting slip now. Have a calculated betting experience with W88 Sportsbook in Malaysia.

Top 3 Promotions for New Members at W88 on Sports

3 W88 Promotions for new members on Sports wallet are mentioned below, register your account at W88 and claim welcome bonus promotions on a-Sports & e-Sports betting.

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Begin your W88 Sportsbook journey now & pick out the best-mentioned online sportsbook providers by W88 that are legit, so there are no worries about your security and protection. You can access these sites via any gadget, making your gambling pursuits achievable already! Pick any of these four convenient sportsbook operators, start your bets, and make lots of money now!