W88 VIP Club – Win Apple products, Luxury gifts & many more

W88 VIP Club offers a new opportunity with privileges & gives its member finest gaming action. Join & win Apple products, Luxury gifts & many loyalty benefits!

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W88 VIIP club’s goal is to provide the world’s most acceptable level of service, managing a seamless delivery of fulfillment, profiling, personalization, and professionalism, resulting in the leading VIP gambling program adventure. You can read more about the exceptional sections of W88 Malaysia in Tips & Tricks category to grasp detailed knowledge!

Introduction to W88 VIP club

W88 Malaysia, identified as the world’s exclusive online gambling site, presents a W88 VIP club that contains a unique level of exceptional privileges and extras by providing the most satisfactory online betting adventure, member joy, and all-top-class prizes approach that is unbeaten in the industry.

  • Being recalled as the world’s superior gambling platform online, the W88 VIP Club gives an unexplored extent to elite events and benefits by delivering the most acceptable measure in betting games online for its members.
  • W88 VIP Club delivers: The most promising tempting VIP gaming, Concerning and Handling jointly with the participants to acquire the most remarkable status of player fulfillment.


  • Goal – Offering the highest grade of service worldwide, incorporating enjoyment, customization profiling, skillfulness, the most elevated grades of service, money rewards, and gift hampers to make the excellent W88 VIP club experience.
  • W88 VIP club’s mission is to propose the world’s most dedicated class of benefits, seamless delivery of convenience, personalization outlining, professionalism, and most trustworthy norms in service, incentives, and awards, resulting in the recent W88 VIP gaming event.
  • The whole team of the VIP program believes in the “Beyond Consumer Experience”. The progressive level of benefit concerns the steady monitoring of associate activity to improve extant and preferred new members into the various and exceptional VIP bars while even ensuring the exhibit and evolution of unique activities, events, promos, and prizes.
  • So, opt-in for W88 VIP Club to persist a whole renewed extent of co-process, privileged benefits being a VIP exceptional treatment. You would encounter better about W88 prides itself by titling it “House of High Rollers!”

You can always reach W88 customer service via 24×7 live chat for any sorts of doubts.

7 Perks of joining the W88 VIP club

So, aren’t you wondering why W88you urging you to join the W88 VIP club? The 7 advantages will surprise you, and you’ll desire to hop in to become a member of the W88 VIP club instantly. You can discover the influential benefits of W88 VIP listed below.


  1. Next level VIP membership: You can progress to the next tier of the VIP club as a W88 Malaysia member, which contains gold, blue, platinum, and diamond
  2. Deposit & Withdrawal limits: Partners have access to a deposit & withdrawal system that is exclusively open to them
  3. Just For You service: You will hold specialized customer support available 24×7.
  4. Bonus points eligibility: VIP associates get entrance to extraordinary redemption varieties, occasions, and exceptional treatments, and awards signify eligibility
  5. VIP Birthday Gifts: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members in the VIP program are qualified for birthday gifts
  6. Promotional Activities: W88 VIP club users are suitable for welcome rewards & incentives
  7. Exclusive VIP benefits: VIP tours, shows, theatres, cruises, and vacation itineraries are open upon demand

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4 Amazing W88 VIP club levels

Why don’t you just jump into W88 VIP Club to participate in an all-new type of respect and notice yourself why they name it “House of High Rollers, You Deserve It!” The 4 VIP levels are detailed below.


  1. Blue: By default system call is based on the activeness of a W88 account with at least making 3 deposits successfully.
  2. Glod: From the invitation W88 VIP Blue level with the lowest Turnover Stake of RM250,000 within 30 business days once being Blue.
  3. Platinum: By VIP club invitation of W88 Malaysia from gold level with the lowest turnover bet of RM3,000,000 within 1 month after standing a gold member.
  4. Diamond: This is a private invitation by the VIP Club of W88 Malaysia

W88 VIP levels








Welcome Bonus – VIP Club MYR 128 MYR 218 MYR 288
Live Casino Rebates 0.5% 0.6% 0.7% 0.8%
Birthday Treats Yes Yes
Priority Deposit & Withdrawal Yes Yes 1st Priority
Discounts For W88 Rewards Redemption Up to 5% Off 10% Off 15% Off 18% Off
W VIP Club Access Full Access Full Access Full Access
W VIP Club Account Manager Personal Account Manager 2 Account Manager
Deposit / Withdrawal Special Limits Higher Limits from Gold Level Flexible Request
W VIP Club Exclusive Promotion Eligible Eligible Eligible
Reward Points Valid for 6 Months Valid for 12 Months Lifetime Lifetime
Exclusive Fest Specials Eligible Eligible
Eligible For Reward Points Yes Yes Yes Yes
W VIP Club Holidays Special Promo Special Promo
Lifetime Membership Yes Yes Yes Yes

How to apply for the W88 VIP club – Within 2 steps

You certainly must be delighted to be a part of the W88 VIP club, where you could claim and accept the advantages of all the pros and appreciate a remarkable gambling adventure. Let’s briefly glance at how to apply for the W88 VIP club membership in simply 2 easy steps below.

Step 1: Access W88 & Sign up for your account


  • To apply for the W88 VIP club, you need to preferably open a new n account at W88 Malaysia.
  • So, read the sign-up guide – W88 Register and follow the steps to create your new member account for free in 4 minutes.
  • Existing W88 Malaysia punters were asked to log in using their valid and accurate username and password credentials.

Step 2: Find & choose VIP under home icon on menu bar


  • Once you have done your successful login and registered your new W88 account, you’ll discover a home symbol on the extreme left side of the menu bar of the W88 Malaysia homepage.
  • The VIP tab is found by hovering your mouse over it.
  • Just click on the VIP to be directed to a new tab with all of the details you require regarding the W88 VIP club.

Now is the moment to join the W88 VIP and have some enjoyment. Want to know additional excellent deals? Visit W88 Promotion to discover similar perks.

Top 6 Terms and Conditions of W88 VIP Club


  1. W88 VIP Club is exclusively provided for the members of W88 who have registered their accounts. W88 reserves the privilege to alter, modify or invalidate any moment without notice.
  2. W88 even commits the liberty to examine members’ transaction logs and login status at any time. If they bring and firmly believe any terminal member or personal party misuses their power and freedoms. At that point, W88 would withdraw from the club of VIP associates without prior notification.
  3. For any member’s reprieves, a gift or rewards item is not available. VIP discount level percentage is won’t be relevant for Free Bets Bonuses claiming.
  4. All VIP members can signup and enter in moves exclusively for those recognized by their username. W88 reserves the right to determine the member’s criteria and to refuse any member to enter W VIP Club.
  5. Any circumstances misuse of the data or further VIP members’ rules would destroy capability for members and seize all the points you have made.
  6. VIP members of W88 Club are also connecting with general rules terms and conditions. They won’t authorize any member who hopes to share their membership level with the 3rd party affiliate.


Smart devices, free bets, freebies, lifestyle gifts, sports attire gifts, luxury presents, and many more. Stop guessing & begin earning money! By joining the W88 VIP club, you’ll be gaining VIP prizes for exceptional performances that direct to employing more cash and more winnings. Prizes like Branded latest iPhones, Watches, Belts, Adidas, and Nike shoes are waiting for you. So, join the W88 VIP club today and become a lucky partner of W88.