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W88boleh bookmakers headquarter was established by Marquee Holdings Ltd. in the Philippines. Join W88 Boleh via the latest alternatif link & claim RM30 free credit.

Why Choose W88Boleh?

In today’s time, people tend to resort to the internet to escape from the mundane things in life. However, as growing adults, it is difficult to find a place for entertainment like that on the internet. This is when you can learn new skills by being a part of the betting world, an area that is rapidly growing each year. With this rapid speed, many online betting sites have been growing in number too so choosing the right platform for you becomes very important.

Luckily, at W88Boleh, you can get the best gambling experiences and gain additional profits that would allow you to indulge in the thrill of gambling online. You can indulge in not only your favorite games but also be a part of exciting offers created especially for you by the W88Boleh team. Using this, you can build your way up in the betting world and also double up on your cash by playing games

Reasons to Join and Invest at W88Boleh

Although there are many reasons for you to join W88Boleh, below mentioned are the top 3 most appealing reasons for you to not only join but also invest money in W88Boleh’s Wallets.

  1. Entertaining to its Core: Joining W88Boleh would help you spend your leisure time in an entertaining way. Here, you can not only watch sports but also make bets and feel like a part of the game. When there are not any matches you can go to their Live Casino and enjoy some of the best casino games at low prices. Apart from this, you can feed your inner child by playing games at the slots provided by some of the top game providers. This way, you can find many ways of being entertained all in one place.
  2. Gives Surprising Bonus Deals: To be entertained here at betting sites, you will have to spend money. That is why choosing W88Boleh as your primary betting site would help you not spend a lot as you can apply for the most appealing bonuses available in the betting world. With this, you can enjoy additional benefits that come with being a part of the W88Boleh family.
  3. Promotes and Ensures Responsible Gambling: Lastly, and most importantly, what makes gambling more fun is when you are in charge of it and not the other way around. Since W88Boleh offers the best gaming experience, it is given that you may get addicted to playing here. To ensure this addiction does not overtake you, they offer responsible gambling. They let you set Self-Exclusion from your account so that you can keep your mind off the betting world and come back when you are in control.

W88Boleh: Legality and Review

The word “gambling” is often looked down upon in most places because it is usually associated with many negative things. However, if gambling is used in a proper manner, then it can be considered to be a cool skill. To do this, you need to find a good platform that would allow you to excel in your skills all the while keeping you responsible. According to the W88boleh reviews, W88Boleh is one such platform that offers you with that. Not only this, but as a legal entity, it is a good way to invest money and double up on it, while having responsible fun.

W88boleh is licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and operated by operated by Marquee Holdings Ltd. With its main headquarters in Philippines, the W88boleh family continues to spread all over the world and is most prominent in Asia. Besides this, they have a reputation for partnering with some of the top affluent sports teams and game providers.

W88Boleh is one of the best betting sites in Asia and so it is given that their partners are equally amazing! Over the years, W88Boleh has shaken hands with some of the best sports teams out there. Here is an overview of them:

W88Boleh has managed to grow its service prosperously. In between these achievements, W88Boleh sponsors include Aston Villa F.C. (2019-20) and Crystal Palace F.C. (2020-21) Their official betting partner was Leicester City F.C. (2018) and had a Shirt Sponsorship deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (2018).

Argentina Football Association (AFA)

In 2022, they shook hands with Argentina Football Association as their Regional Partner. Argentina Football Association (AFA) became W88Boleh's partner on 25th January 2022. They will continue this partnership throughout the year 2022 and will continue being W88Boleh's regional partners during the upcoming world cup in Qatar. 

Fulham Football Club

Additionally, in the year 2022 and the coming year 2023, Fulham F.C. will pose as W88Boleh's official Principal Partner. As the women's team as well as the men's team of Fulham F.C. plays their game, you will find the W88Boleh's official logo on their jerseys. Their new kit was officially out on the 29th of July 2022. 

Top 3 Promotion Offers for New Accounts at W88Boleh

Just like emphasized before, joining W88Boleh would not only entertain you but also reward you with exciting gifts and bonuses. Upon joining, you can visit their promos section and explore some of the hottest promotion deals offered in the betting world.

Not only this but as soon as you join and make your first deposit, you can apply for any of the bonuses to double up your cash instantly. Here, are 3 of the most exciting promos offered by W88Boleh that you must go for!

Claim RM30 Free Credit on Verification

First Deposit Bonuses can be found almost everywhere, but what about first Withdrawal bonuses? Well, here at W88Boleh, when you withdraw your money, you can leave with some extra cash. Join and get a chance to win W88Boleh Free Credit of RM 30 on your first withdrawal.

For this, you must complete the verification process on your account. Once this is done you will notice that RM 30 will be locked on your account. To unlock it, you must then make the first deposit of a minimum of RM 30 and then play at slots. Once you can make a successful W88Boleh withdrawal of RM 100, this extra bonus will be unlocked and you will be rewarded.  

100% bonus up to RM600 on W88boleh Slots online

The second amazing W88Boleh promotion brought to you by the W88Boleh team is not only exciting but can also help you boost your way to becoming a slot champion. Upon joining W88Boleh, you can get a chance to win a welcome bonus worth up to RM 600 on Slot Games!

For this, you must make a minimum deposit of RM 30. Before that, visit the promos section on the official site and select the bonus code you prefer. When making your first deposit, you can add the bonus code and then complete the rollover requirements which is 20x to claim the reward.

100% Sports bonus up to RM218 on e-Sports

Lastly, W88Boleh brings to you another intriguing welcome bonus offer. Join now and get a chance to win a welcome bonus worth up to RM 218 on your first deposit. Use this and get a chance to play in the W88Boleh E-Sports domain!

To apply for this promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of RM 30 or more and apply the bonus code under this promotion in the promos section at W88Boleh’s official site. Remember, you must complete the rollover requirements which is 20x before making the withdrawal.

Explore Amazing Things At W88Boleh

Since W88Boleh vows to uphold customer satisfaction and thus introduced W88Boleh exclusively to its Malaysian customers so that they can enjoy the entertainment of gambling to the fullest. It introduces many things that you can explore. This means that you can never get bored while surfing the site if you are bored in one place on the site there is always another place that is exciting.

It gives us the 3 main domains of the betting world – Sportsbook Betting, Live Casino Betting, and Slot Games.  Not only this but these 3 come with equally exciting offers that you will be introduced to right from the moment you join the W88Boleh family.

Top Game Room Providers at W88Boleh

Although many join the betting world to bet on sports, online gaming at W88Boleh Live Casinos and Slots takes this experience to another level. Join any of the W88Boleh Clubs today to play many exciting games offered by professional game providers. If you do not know where to start then you can use swipe and pick the game room you find more intriguing!

Start Playing at W88Boleh With 3 Steps

Since we have told you about the benefits and amazing things at W88Boleh, we will also tell you about how you can grab these entertaining things. You would be delighted to know that in order to get to W88Boleh’s game rooms and start your betting journey would take only 3 steps. Let us look into it!

Step 1: W88Boleh Register

The first thing you need to do is register at W88Boleh. For this, you need to click on “Join” which you will find on the official website’s page. Make sure to verify your details right after joining.

Step 2: W88Boleh Deposit

Then you must make your first W88Boleh deposit of min. RM 30 or more. With this, you will be able to play and bet at W88Boleh’s Sportsbook, Live Casino and Slots. Remember to check out the promotions available under the promos section before you make your first deposit.

Step 3: W88Boleh Withdraw

Lastly, after playing with your deposited money and winning the double amount of it, you can make your first W88Boleh withdrawal to your preferred bank. However, you will need to complete the entertaining rollover requirements, applicable to the bonuses you have applied for, before making your withdrawal.

FAQs on W88Boleh That You Should Know About

Anything that involves money becomes automatically important and so does raising necessary questions. So, it is natural that you may have many questions about and after joining W88boleh. To address the most frequently asked and important ones, take a look below. Knowing the answers to these questions does not only give you additional knowledge but also ensures responsible gambling.

  1. Is W88Boleh a safe-to-use site?

Absolutely, yes! Trusting any betting site can be risky as you need to pay to play. This is why doing your research thoroughly is necessary since you literally have to invest some money for playing games. These sites often ask you for sensitive information regarding your bank accounts and legal documents, so being skeptical is definitely a must. Luckily, W88Boleh is one of the most authentic sites that you can use for online betting.


It is a trustworthy site that takes its terms and conditions seriously and takes strict actions against fraudulent activities. You can check for yourself by clicking on the tiny lock symbol next to the site’s link on your browser. This will lead you to their SSL certification details. Be sure to use this on all gambling sites before making any deposits.

  1. How much do I need to deposit?

The amount of money you will need to make a W88Boleh deposit depends on which wallet you are making a deposit in. It also depends on the bonus you will be applying for when making your first deposit. However, on most bonuses, the minimum deposit rate is RM 30. To know more click and read our detailed guide on how to make your first W88Boleh deposit.

  1. When can I withdraw my money?

To withdraw money at W88Boleh and earn additional rewards from bonuses, you must complete the requirements in the terms and conditions under the bonuses. These usually involve completing a specific set of rollover requirements, using a specific wallet to make bet under certain odds, etc.

Sometimes people join betting sites, to deposit, play, and withdraw their money only once. If you are such a customer then no worries, you still will be a part of the exciting W88Boleh family. Not only this but they will send you away with a bonus of an extra RM 30 on your first withdrawal.

Have More Questions? Contact W88Boleh CS!

More questions in mind that you want detailed answers for? W88Boleh’s Customer Service has got you covered. You can contact them at any time as W88Boleh CS is active and available 24/7. Besides this, you can contact them using many ways, mainly their Live Chat Service, Skype Chat, and via Email.

Live Chat: Contact 24/7

Skype ID: w88cs.help

Email: info@w88.com

  • If you wish to communicate with them instantly, then you can use their Live Chat service.
  • Using their SKYPE ID, which is, w88cs.help, you can contact them via Web Call on Skype.
  • Besides this, you can email them in detail using info@w88.com.

Visit W88Boleh CS to get detailed information on how to contact them and to find out about other ways of contacting them. 

Another way to understand their service and get a review on how their Customer service works, you can check out W88Boleh reviews. Below are some of them.

Bintang Nur
Bintang Nur
Read More
Argentina FA is my favorite football club and earlier this year they sponsored with W88boleh, reading about them is how I landed on their page and checked out their gaming section. Since I started working recently I managed to deposit the minimum amount and play some game. It is a nice way to wind down after a long day.
Zohrin Putih
Zohrin Putih
Read More
I joined to just play games and after a while I realized that I had earned more than what I had deposited. To withdraw the money, I contacted customer care. It was live chat and after 1 question, they gave me a detailed description of what I needed to do to get the money back (it was real money!!).
Awang Ahmed
Awang Ahmed
Read More
Their customer care support via Live chat takes about 3 minutes to answer which is boring to wait for but later I realised it is worth the wait because once you have connected with them they will guide you with even your smallest doubts. They even offer additional help if required.

Explore exciting gaming options along with some of the hottest deals in the betting world with W88Boleh Malaysia

In Conclusion:

W88Boleh is home to many exciting things on the internet. The only regret you would have when joining W88Boleh is that you did not join the fun before. It has helped many customers not only collect extra money but also unwind after their shifts and relax. At the end of the day, you can play your favourite music in the background, or maybe sip on some wine, and log in to your W88Boleh Account to boost your brain chemicals and then leave with satisfaction.